I'm a strong believer that musical worship does not allow everyone to engage with God. There are people who are tone deaf, or who simply don't enjoy music and yet have many other creative gifts. As a worship leader we should take these things into account when planning our services and look to ways in which we can get everyone involved, thereby helping people connect with God on their own level and allowing them to offer back to God the gifts He has given them.

Has anyone had any experience leading worship in a creative yet non-musical way? If so what did you do and how did it work? Did people like it, etc?



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As musicians, it is easy for us to become blinded by our own preferences in forms and expressions of worship. I've been making a determined effort to include times of silence, times of spoken praise, whispered praise, sharing of Scripture etc. during the "worship segment". One of the most powerful things we did recently (small church) was get out of the pews and form a circle around the room and stand there for a few minutes holding hands, people quietly prayed, meditated, wept etc.

I would welcome some skits and such too, but so far no volunteers...
If you mean *during* the musical worship time.....reading scripture and/or prayer are the 2 most logical choices that ideally work within that structure. But last week we had an actual professional actor (who teaches at the local Christian University) give "The Sermon on the Mount"......during the service.......*that* was the entire message for the day........it was fantastic.
Especially delivered in that "updated" way......he was in jeans and a white shirt.......sat on a stool........got up and walked around a bit...........and that was it.......very, very, good.


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