Not Another Top Ten..... Yes, it's the 'Top Ten things you wish you'd never said during a worship meeting'

anyone brave enough to share any spoken misdemeanours ?
Anyone passed a comment under their breath only to realise that the mic was only an inch from their mouth and the whole church heard ?

Anyone ever worked out what they would say and then noticed that it sounds incredibly cheesy or just plain stupid when they've said it ?

C'mon everyone, the confession room awaits..........

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The air is still and tense as those of us with stories to tell are keeping quiet...........

c'mon people, tell all......
Looks like there's no takers , so I'll leave this open for a couple more days then close it down if there's no input.
Well, at our worship committee meeting back in October, I passed on some information about doing a "blue Christmas" service, and then when I discovered a month later that we actually were going to do one, I then felt obligated to be involved in putting it together, doing the music, etc.

It all worked out pretty well (see my blog entry on the topic), but there was a time there when I kinda wished I hadn't brought it up at all :-)

I once was talking about Jesus on the cross and said that He spilled his blood for us, and after service a guy came up to me and said, Jesus didn't spill his blood because that would mean that he had an accident. He poured his blood out for us. I just sat there stunned with a deer in the headlights look as he walked off.
somebody must've hit that guy with a pedantic stick at some point.

I can think of some things worth getting upset about but semantics certainly isn't one of them...

You did well to stay 'stunned' as he walked off ... If it had been me I wouldn't have been anywhere near as patient :o)
Been there, done that. My wife framed the shirt for all to see!!!!
As we were heading out to Sunday School, Joel Osteen was on and I heard him say something that 'I" thought would be really cool to use in worship service, I was wrong.
Music was going great and in the middle of one of the songs I began to exort, the congregation was behind me as I began to repet what I heard Osteen proclaim. "God is so great and powerful, when He is in you He makes you powerful. It's like Clark Kent stepping out of a phone booth as Superman, (crowd goes crazy) it's like Peter Parker being bitten by the spider and becoming Spiderman, (crowd is extatic) and for the younger generation, it's like Miley Cyrus transforming into Hanna Montanna, (this is where there was a moment of silence and then the sound of cricketts)

Ain't it fun?????
Miley Cyrus becoming Hanna Montana? (rofl)
That's one of the *puts hand over forehead and sinks down* moment.

I've only been in one worship council meeting since my new job post, so I haven't had the opportunity to say something horrible, but if I do I'm sure I'll be laughing about it here.
I started up the service once with a big "Hi everyone, it's great to gather together in worship at Maple City Chapel..."

I was at Zion Chapel.

Yeah, I relate. I did that too... Sorta funny now, but wasn't then!
My usual thing is to pray and then quote scripture and have an attack of the 'spoonerisms' and get all the words mixed up - that's when I come over like a real idiot :o)
One Easter time at a concert in Alabama, I was singing a song I wrote -"He Knew Everything About Me" about the woman at the well. As people were worshipping I went into the Phil Johnson song "Calvary Calvary, was it meant for Him..." and I was thinking that it would be cool to go into a Carol Cymbala song about Mary - "I wish they all could see through a mother's eyes".
Imagine my horror to come back to the present to hear myself singing Calvary, Calvary- is that my cross SHE's taking up calvary."


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