Not Another Top Ten..... Yes, it's the 'Top Ten things you wish you'd never said during a worship meeting'

anyone brave enough to share any spoken misdemeanours ?
Anyone passed a comment under their breath only to realise that the mic was only an inch from their mouth and the whole church heard ?

Anyone ever worked out what they would say and then noticed that it sounds incredibly cheesy or just plain stupid when they've said it ?

C'mon everyone, the confession room awaits..........

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well, everybody, i confess i got you all beat, because seems like i am always having bloopers, I was fortunate my embarrassing moment happened only amongest three people, it was right after service and Pastor came to shake my hand and to discuss a few things , when i went to shake his hand ----LOL!!! I LET OUT A WINDER.. i was so... embarassed and i apoligized and said, i guess all that fiber doesn't agree with me, bless his heart ,he tried to keep a straight face nad when he made it around the corner , i could here him chuckling and an elderly woman sittting on the side, i could tell she was embarrassed for me.
i have been in the middle of a song , i have sang for like twenty years , and all of a sudden , go blank.
worst of all is worshipping and your slip slide down to your knees , or be dancing in the spirit and accidently sit on the offering basket, everyone was laughing so hard, NOW... WHO SAYS IT IS BORING TO LIVE FOR GOD. LOL!!!
I think you have got us all beat with this Brenda, thanks for sharing
Ok, so here are two of mine.
All stem from inside issues between myself an a music committee I was a part of.
things I regret..."I quit!" response after continuos asking of "why do you do's" from the music committee. Didn't handle that well....
second was when our associate pastor uncharacteristically asked the congregation to sit down in the middle of our set...he usually doesn't say anything So I pipe up and say " I don't remember seeing anything in the Bible that says sit down and worship God" man oh man...not a smart thing. Learning experiences...gotta love em'
Long story behind my response at the time, but never warranted no matter how hard I try. Forgiveness....gotta love it!
There maybe more...I'm sure there are, but these two come to mind.
After breaking a string on my guitar in the middle of a service, I just had to go and say it...

"Oops... I broke my G string"
Oh Behave ....( austin powers anyone ? )
This happened about 5 years ago...

One of my friends was stepping down as Music Minister, and I was taking his place temporarily. On the night of the farewell service, he wanted me to sing a closing song, and he chose "I Can Only Imagine". I thought I knew this song sooo well. Well, when I got up to sing, and my mind went blank. I don't remember what happened during the song or what I said, but I have a recording of line I made up was "I can only imagine, (mumble), when I walk, on your face..."

Oh, WOW!
I was leading worship at a youth event late one Friday night. The service was going great. The night started out with a Drama Team call the "Imitators" who did a powerful skit. So powerful that we changed our worship set around to go straight into a more intimate time of worship. Were playing our last song and it was such a sweet time and I was closing out of that portion of the service with prayer to allow the Speaker to transition up to the stage.
Music still playing in the background I began to pray. In times like that it is easy to pray. But half way through the prayer sweat was dripping in my eyes so I opened my eyes. In my prayer I was trying to say "followers of Christ" instead I opened my eyes and saw a Imitators poster and said "FollowTatters of Christ." Then I hear a few chuckles and the drama team began to laugh and repeat the mistake out loud "FollowTatters, ha ha ha..." So being the Spiritually in-tune person I am, I quickly cut them a dirty look and said "Amen."
It went from an intense worship experience to stand up comedy in 10 seconds flat... I laugh every time I think about that.
During a rehearsal a while back our leader called out an abbreviated version of our set list...
First Come, then Shout, then Breathe!
eeek! How funny was that!! I cant stop laughing!!!!!!
Oh my gosh, that's a good one. Did anyone else hear it other than your band?
One of the things that I find myself saying on any given Sunday...Is "God is alive and He wants to hear our praise this morning..." (like He is ONLY alive on "this morning"...know what I mean?

God is alive and want to hear our praise. GLORY TO GOD!!!
Exactly, "not another top ten". Please, not another "top ten."


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