Not Another Top Ten..... Yes, it's the 'Top Ten things you wish you'd never said during a worship meeting'

anyone brave enough to share any spoken misdemeanours ?
Anyone passed a comment under their breath only to realise that the mic was only an inch from their mouth and the whole church heard ?

Anyone ever worked out what they would say and then noticed that it sounds incredibly cheesy or just plain stupid when they've said it ?

C'mon everyone, the confession room awaits..........

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maybe we should have a 'top ten' of the worst 'top tens' but perhaps that's going a bit far ?

is that too much ? I never know ;O)
LOL! Yea, you're right!
Lol, I love reading everyone's "moments". Mine was recently (believe me when I say this is not the only one, just the most recent). I had just opened the service, welcoming everyone, started reading the scripture I had, and made it all the way to the end. I can't remember the exact Psalm, but it ending with something about praising Him day after day. I promptly came out with, " Lord, I will praise you day AFTER today!"
So I'm talking with the elders of the church, and they ask me what the devices I use. I explain I only use a looper because I like the clean fresh sound, that it let's me practice with myself.

It got real quiet in the room for a minute with a lot of pink ears, and I realize what the problem is. ...
Ok, here it is. The mother of all spoonerisms. I'll say first that people know this song so well and were happily engrossed in singing it, so that I don't think anybody noticed. At least if they did, nobody ever said anything to me about it. So here it is...
I'm leading "Trading My Sorrows" and forgot which line of the chorus I was on. As soon as I got the consonant "F" from "follow" out, I realized that I had just sung that line. So, without any pause whatsoever, I correctly moved to the last line. Only now I had replaced the "w" from the beginning of the word "walk" with an "F." You can put it together.
I was immediately mortified, but as I mentioned before, no one seemed to pick up on it, and I was able to retain compusure and finish the set as though it had not happened. I'll never forget it, though.
Oops! Not "Trading My Sorrows" but "Everyday" from Hillsong United. The chorus (if you're not familiar with it) is:
Every day, it's You I'll live for
Every day, I'll follow after You
Every day, I'll walk with You, my Lord
I was going through "Trading My Sorrows" in my head trying to find the word "walk"... :)
I've made more than a few verbal blunders, but none of them were very interesting. biggest red face was from the time just a few months ago I forgot to capo. Song was Paul Baloche's "All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises" which is one of the few songs I play down the neck. I said something encouraging and spiritual and then hit the strings with the chord properly in place way down the neck. Oh - itwas so bad. One strum - very loud strum -- was all it took.

I looked up. Said, "Well, that's not right is it?" Put on the capo, the congregational and I chuckled together, and then I started the song right after saying "Let's try this." It was actually a really good service. Everyone was very relaxed. nobody was worried about looking foolish, because I had them beat no matter what they did.
Other peoples faux pases:

singer, in rehearsal: "I forgot to sing 'to God'". My answer, "Well, that just won't do will it?" We ran it again and I asked, "Did you sing 'to God' this time?" He smiles, and answers, "Oh yes, I definitely sang 'to God' this time around!" To clarify, ' to God' was a phrase from the song.

children's ministry coordinator, on two seperate occasions:

Moving into a special time of the kids doing something: "We are going to stop worshipping now and the kids will sing."

After a volunteer appreciation Sunday, at the end of the presentation: "so now we will stop appreciating our teachers and..." She's such a sweet gal, just not the most eloquent. Bot times I talked to her, and she's like "Yeah, I head myself say it and thought "Oh no!"
I was starting out as a lead guitarist quite a few years back. At one service, I thought we were still practicing before the service, so I started talking across the room to the sound tech about a sound issue. The problem was that the service had already started and I didn't realize it. Ouch.
Ending a service with Amen...Buy Raffle tickets (said as an after thought totally takes away from the closing prayer. Sheesh!
Yea, I was trying to encourage all to come to a get-to-gether the church was hosting. So rather than say "Be THERE be square" I said, "Be HERE be .....square" .:/ One of those times you wish you hadn't tried to be cute.


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