A question arose at our last worship planning meeting regarding how many songs that are used in a typical  service. We have used 6 a couple of times- 2-3 upbeat, 1-2 reflective, 1 offering song- sometimes sung by the praise team to introduce a new song, and a song of response song (this is considered very important at our church.) We never top 6 total songs.


How many songs do you use on a typical Sunday? I would appreciate your input.



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Hi David - we usually do 6 songs total. 3 modern, 3 hymn types. We also switch it up from time to time and do all modern or all hymns.

In the community church I would normally bring a choice of about 10 songs, of which we'd probably sing 6 or 8 over the space of an hour or so. The present church has an unwritten liturgy and requires 5 songs, of which the first is a children's song.

Depends on the service.

For short family get-together service, usually two songs before service starts, four during, and one or two as people go out (total 8, but 4 during main service).

For communion, two before, one opening song, three together, one before communion, couple of quiet ones while folks go up for communion, one to close, one after.  Total 11, 8 during main service.

Other weeks, typically two before, four together to open, oner afte readings, two during quiet prayer/ministry time.  Total 9, 7 during service.

5 or 6.  Prelude without lyric slides, 3 or 4 in Worship set, usually 1 closing.  It is a matter of prioritizing how time is spent in the sermon, if you do a lot of announcements, Communion, etc. Selections are not according to formula, it is:

1) Theme of sermon for the day

2) Having an intentional peak of emotion or reflection in the set

3) Have a thematic story through the songs so they make sense in the order they are put together, like a medley.

4) We like the Baloche idea of trying to move up in key of songs.



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