I have had a request from a brother in Pakistan who is involved in music ministry.  He is appealing for churches and musicians who have old and unused musical instruments or musical equipment so that young musicians can play and make an impact in their nation.  

If you do have any unused old instruments etc, contact me and we will see how we can get them out there.  

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Most of us consider our old instruments "solid gold", so the idea is good, but not likely to garner much. However, what if we got an idea of what he needs / wants and we could do donations?
I've asked - anything will do, but he would find a semi acoustic guitar useful. Also any old PC's or cam's (not sure if he meant webcams or proper video cameras - I will clarify that).
Semi acoustic? As in an acoustic with a pickup?
He says yes please. We'll have to work out how to get it there if you have something for them.


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