Wanting to get your opinion on "for and against placing the worship band off stage". Many of the old old school musos have said that the band is in a servant role and does not need to be onstage ( as opposed to the singers). Egos have been displayed but many musos and even some WL's, suffer the hangups of NOT being on stage.  Is it an ego thing, or is it entertainment or in some cases the only gig going? ( I hope not).

What are the thoughts there, please?

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Yes, thankyou for the explanation, I understand where you and Aaron are coming from there. I still agree that the musicians stay together, no hassles there. But, where we are the singers with the WL leads the church, not the musicians, if you know what I mean. So the singers are out the front and the musicians back them up. WL plays as well, in my case keyboard, but if another leads they may just sing and not play. As long as eye contact is available you can lead the musicians from anywhere, if you are a tight team.
I don't like the idea of having musicians in a different place. Why go to all that trouble? It's much harder to lead them and the congregation can't see the cues either. Being together musically is a well attested way to be together musically. No matter how good you are at staying together from a distance, you'll be that much better if you're close.

It's a complete experience with sight, sound and feeling. (And after the first two songs, smell...) I know my congregation watches the drummer at times because his cues sometimes signal the start of a particular verse. If they see the bass player start in on a particular song, they know that we're about to ramp up our volume. It doesn't strike me as worth all the effort to get musicians off the stage - they're part of it as much as anyone else. Why do they have to be in a penalty box?
you got it stevo.......there isnt any logical reason to divide up the team. it seems like more trouble to put people in different places.

keep the team together. keep them on stage. it just makes logical sense all the way around.
great answer ,I am an old Blues Kat we sit real close,no one wants to telegraph cues I like the drummer in the middle behind the singers .like to see the lead musicians face ,drummers follow not lead ") mmm just my humor Stevo & yes great answer ~LAR
mmm goto potterhaus.com Don Potter has some really great thoughts on this (entertainment ) I really respect Don goto wipedia.com & see who he has played with since 1977 Chuck Magione & many others ,he said entertainment ,is detainment ,like the result is the people don't worship Jesus ,my thought is this if you don't know the diff you probably need to sit until you can figure that out.I don't us the word WORSHIP LEADER ,BEING A FACILITATOR OF WORSHIP IS A LOT BETTER well that should stir up some religious spirits ,I also don't say stage ,stage a place for entertainment,I use the word platform,we can sit on the floor if we want too :) .Study the Tabernacle of David you could not see the ARK for all those muscians ,sitting in a circle around it ,The real thing is to have the heart of worship ,like David.My FB page is public ,I will now challehge all of you to look at it ,starting with BRIAN & RAMEY WHALEN song grace ,I play with a prophetic psaimist ,who by the Spirit does just like the word says ,singing spiritual songs & hymns ,& not always Davids ,that is Supernatural Worship ,remember my page .look at it ,I am trying to help some of you ,not like ole Larry has it together ,open your mouth sing your hymn ,sing your psalm ,right on the spot, I played with Linda Upchurch for 2 hrs last week ,she can also open her bible anywhere & sing those verses ,maybe start singing ,her own with out stopping i hope you all can do the same ,sooo look at my FB page LARRY FRIES FACEBOOK.COM ,has Linda arrived ,not hardiy ,we need no platform or instruments to worship ,I don't care where you sit ,have the heart of worship, ~love you all Larry
i call it dogmatic over insignificant terms. a stage is a stage. it has many uses, not just for entertainment.

and the subject remains whether or not the worship team should be on stage in front or not. the subject is NOT about whether the worship team is trying to entertain.

and to clear up any misunderstandings.....you dont have to be on stage, in front of people to be completely missing the reason youre a part of leading worship.

so please, can we stay on subject.
true it is a stage / platform who cares real heart felt worship to Jesus is the deal.,did you got don's site ,yes I did get off the subject some ,maybe the Lord had me say all that,I am a little hard on church muscians ,been doing this about 40 yrs ,Don concept is sit in a circle face each other ,something to think about ,got some great worship on my FB page ,take a chance Aarron


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