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I'm looking at various presentation software packages for use at our church, and I'd like input on some of the Open Source offerings out there from folks that use them on a regular basis. I'm most interested in Windows or Linux based apps (as that's the architecture I'm looking at) but understand that there are some Mac options that others might find of use as well.

So far, I've identified the following packages as being available, and I'm starting to play with a few of them, but if there are others, please post names (and URLs) here.

Lyricue (
OpenLP (
DreamBeam (
OpenSong (

Thanks in advance!
Dan Camp

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Unusually quiet for this forum...anybody, anybody? Bueller? Bueller?
I have used OpenSong for years and love it. It has it's limitations but for free it is fantastic! I have used it for projection on occasion but primarily use it for the chord chart feature. I have not heard of the others but I will have to look at them when I get a bit more free time - thanks for sharing!
I use MediaShout since it's used by many churches plus I like that they carry plenty Bible translations in the package. My Pastor uses King James, Amplified, God's Word, The Message and many others.
Elman--specifically looking for the open-source/non-commercial packages out there...We've just had to cut staff hours, so there really isn't any budget for purchasing additional software at the moment.
what in particular do you see as the limitations on OpenSong?
Don't overlook Songsheet Generator - it allows you to print with or without chords. Not much of a presentation offering, but great for your chord and lyrics sheets. It's also great at importing chord sheets and exporting text-based chord sheets. This is what I use now. The other strength to this one is that it uses standard Chord Pro format text files. I absolutely can't stomach the idea of using a program that creates some kind of SQL or Oracle database to store the songs. The one that's advertised on this forum is a disaster.

I've used OpenSong and did like it a lot, but the pain of it is trying to create lyrics-only sheets, you have to strip off the chords and do it all by hand. Also, it has problems with getting the chords to appear where you want them. It also auto hyphenates when you don't want it to. I also struggled a lot to fit songs on the page the way I wanted. The output is nice looking and the presentation capabilities are great.
I like lyricue; It is easy to import the .usr files from CCLI Song Select.

As far as positioning on the screen, If you don't want everything tight to the
top of the screen, choose centre. Then add trailing empty lines to take it up

For windows, I found dream beam easy to use. But you cannot store playlists.

For Lyricue, the downfall for us was that with a two computer setup, the link
would go down from time to time (I'm told that was the fault of the dLink router)
so you would have to stop and restart the lyricue_server program on the
projection computer. And since the other two who might help found that "too
technical" we are in the process of finding another worship software, one that
runs on Windows7

I am looking at opensong and openlp, but I find the song entry much more
on the "too technical" than either dreambeam or lyricue

Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop in on this thread... I'm the project leader for OpenLP. If you guys have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask me.

That is all :-)


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