Opensong software .. anyone using it or can comment? I just grabbed it myself and it looks like it does quite a few things. I see it is free and does all your overheads and sets and includes chords that are hidden on the overheads. Has a Bible built in for display and can display announcments put your own pictures behind and has some nice looking Fonts. There are versions for both Windows and OSX and I am using the OSX one as we use a Macmini to handle overheads and media.
We currently use powerpoint but it is a bit clunky this looks better and I like the "Free" price tag but maybe I am missing something or someone could recommend something better?

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OK so i installed the software and looked it over. it seems like a solid basic software. compatible with duel screen presentation. The one thing that I would like out of it is compatibility with motion backgrounds but for a church or organization using PP to present now it will be a nice upgrade. I like that it is open source and that it is free as well. I was running it over remote desktop so the video performance wasn't something I could evaluate due to the nature of remote desktop. but it seems to do well even over remote desktop. I will review it better at home in the next couple days but I think if you are looking for a free solution it might just do the trick.

I've used alot of software and they are all expensive but if you are looking to amp up the presentation on a mac i would suggest ProPresenter, MediaShout, or Easy worship. all three do basically the same thing. each has it's high points and low points. I like the ease of use of ProPresenter and Easy worship. Mediashout can do some pretty intense stuff and is high customizable as long as you do it in advance of the service. It doesn't work as well on the fly. I don't know what the price points are on these pieces of software but if I were to guess I think Easy Worship is probably the cheapest. I could be wrong though.

I hope this helps.

awesome hey thanks for your "review" and your pointers to some other software Ill check them out.
there are some really complete reviews of all three of the software pieces I mentioned here:

Technologies for Worship Magazine
After looking at openSong again it doesn't run smoothly at all for me if I try to add transitions. it seems like it has the correct bones but not enough muscle to do the job in a clean and professional manner. give it some time and it might just turn out to be a great tool but right now I would get the couple hundred needed to run one of the three pieces of software that I mentioned previously and use them as they are very solid and will look 1,000,000x's better than PowerPoint ever will by it self.
So Chris what system and OS are you running opensong on? I have not spent anytime on it yet and wont till a week into new years as I am getting married new years eve. I do have an old Dell P4 here I can try it on with Windows XP but church will use the OS X version on a Macmini I hope that the OS X version uses Core Video so that should be very powerful. I wonder if you are using a Version of WIndows if it doesn't support DirectX. I use to be a computer Tech and am very family with Both WIndows and OS X .
I'm using a completely current version of windows xp that does support directx but the software doesn't appear to be using directx integration. I could be wrong. I can try it on my churches imac later this week and let you know.

Being opensource I should imagine that if it doesnt run well on a WIndowes system then it wont be long before someone revs the graphics engine in it.
I love the way it handles the music and chords. If you need to transpose or add capo chords it does it all for you. Fantastic.
that is a good feature !
I have been using Opensong for about 3 years and love it...although I don't use the presentation features. I just use it to catalog songs, transpose, print, etc. They also have a cool import utility add-on that will import a variety of formats (CCLI, Word, CSV, etc) The latest version has worked out alot of bugs that were in the earlier versions. I love it for what I use it for. I have about 400 songs currently in the catalog. I also love that it is easy to learn, easy to use, and free :)
I would definitely start using it for those features as it's a hard thing to manage a large number of songs and the transpose feature is awesome. My understanding of the original question was for the presentation needs. if not then awesome program for that. for presentation it leaves a lot of be desired. thanks for the information bout the other features. I just wasn't focused on that.
Yes, Open song is good for what they offer, especially if all you need is something to use on a quick notice. I use it for small intimate events, but I do not use it for the church at all. It is really nice for catalogs, and if you are writing and scoring it has that capability, but it is not compatible with CCLI yet, so you can not import yet with it.

My husband have used all of the major programs for worship. Media Shout, Easy Worship, etc. But we found a program that is very easy to use, and that is Song Show Plus. It runs about the same as the other full revisions, and it has everything that you would need for media. Media Shout and their new version is nice, but it is not as user friendly as Song Show. Easy Worship is OK.. but not great. I guess it all depends on what your church likes. If you are media church, I would go with Song Show Plus. I taught our kids department kids staff to use it in general in about 10 minutes, because there are not a lot of steps. They all run about 400, but you can get packages with some based on your church size.

I would not use anything but Song Show now, especially if you do not have an experienced media staff or if you just have people that work the media during the service but they are not the people that enter the music or do all of the prep work.

Most all of the churches that we have done workshops for have switched from what they had to Song Show Plus, because you can do everything on the fly. If you have it cataloged ahead of time then you can do everything in a moment in real time. It is really great.

All I can say is there are less steps for completion and it is very MEDIA for Dummies, pardon the pun, friendly.

And as long as you are running windows in the background for your mac it will work great. They were working on compatibility for mac, you will have to check it out. You can order the demo and use it from 30 days to try it out, or longer if you need too.

Have fun, I love working with it.


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