I'm a patriot - would die for my people any day. Hate it when people put the USA down, even if it's true.  Favorite movie is "Band of Brothers". I drive an American car and try to buy American when it makes sense. Happy when the US wins an Olympic Gold medal.

But then our hymn leader asked our pastor if we could do some patriotic songs on July 4. My internal reaction was, "no, don't bring that in here."  What? Did I really think that? Am I bi-polar?

Thoughts kept going through my mind like, "We're citizens of another country, a nation of priests" and "those songs don't actually celebrate God's kingdom". It's as if I'm being asked to serve two masters or something. I hope this is normal and others feel the same way. I really don't think I'm becoming a leftist, I just feel like church time is for God only.

Is anyone else facing this? How do you feel about it?

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You held your ground, huh? Good for you, man!
Well, it was the one time I didn't stand up and be my usual self. Funny how that always helps.
Church is for praising God. Patriotic songs, as much as I love them, are for praising America. Let's not confuse the two.

On the other hand, I like Michael Letus's idea about praying for our country and her leaders. And I LOVE "America, the Beautiful," which is, in fact, a prayer for America. So while I personally wouldn't put it in, I wouldn't be put off by it either.
Yea, it didn't bother me too much to sing that one.


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