Let me just get this out of my system.  We all know we want to post a listing of our current pedal set-ups and to see what other people are using. We all just need to remember the two major sins associated with this kind of posting (pride and covetousness) and lay our hearts out before the Lord so He can remind us that our value and purpose in life is not informed by effects pedals.  Once we move beyond that I think this kind of discussion thread can be fun and educational.


My current board set up looks like this:

Guitar --TC Helicon Harmony G XT --Boss Noise Supres ---Digitech TimeBender Delay--EH Cathedral

                                                                   V              ^                                                                 V

                                            EH Soul Preacher     Boss Power Wah                        Egnater Renegade 65

                                                                   V               ^

                                             VL Sparkle Drive --- EH Nano Stone Phase


Hope that is not confusing.


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I think most of us that used to discuss gear have moved on from WTR. None of the group that's discussed effects and actually making music in the past are 'cool', but since we're probably all >50 years old it doesn't matter too much.

The Abbey sounds nice in your application. I use a mini HOF with a variation of the church echo and delay time and depth jointly assigned to the control knob - works fine for me live where what I want from a reverb is something to smear the sound & fill gaps. For more definite echos I'll use a delay pedal.

I've bought myself a Digitech Trio (original version) that uses band in a box to provide bass & drums accompaniment because they were being blown out cheap (about $50 equivalent). The idea is to use it as a practice tool, and possibly also for some low-level accompaniment. I'm still buying pedals occasionally.

I just kind of stopped using the more extreme "reverb as effect" settings, and found this one used at GC. Neither the twangy springy reverbs or bright plates are for me. The pre-delay adjustment (30-120ms) on the abbey was done quite well and the early reflections sound "normal" to me, not so abrupt, though it does an interesting soft slapback at longer delay times. It works with my cranky old dinosaur like preferences.


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