I had praise rehearsal last night and we went over Isreal Away,away from the noise alone with you..... and as we were singing it I thought this particular song is something that is personal. Almost like a psalm, like David, between Isreal and the Lord. Are there songs that dont need to be duplicated because they are personal psalms or songs that were for that artist that ministered to them at that moment?

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Kind of going in another direction with this I guess but,.. I think there are tons of songs (perhaps considered 'worship songs') that, in my opinion, are not great for corperate worship... I guess I'm picky that way. 'Indescribable' comes to mind for me right off the bat. I'm sure I'll get some flack for that one! haha
I think "Heart of Worship" among others fall into that category - lyrics good for worship and church leaders, but not really applicable for many sitting in the congregation...
Can I give some flack for suggesting Heart of Worship?

This song has been sung for years by congregations and is a song of repentance, not only for the church, worship leader or pastor, but a particular church at a particular time when they had lost sight of worship to the father. I know that the church in question decided to ditch the worship band for a while so they could refocus their worship on God without the distraction of technically good music. At the end of that period Matt Redman wrote this song.

When I first heard it, the song really highlighted the importance of keeping your eyes on Jesus. While it might seem that this song may only apply to certain people (who maybe need to repent of what this song talks about), I think it is applicable to everyone including a whole congregation. There are times when we all lose our focus in worship, whether we're in the band, or in the congregation "worshiping" in cruise mode reading the words off the projector screen while thinking about yesterday's devastating footie scores! Definitely not a song to do every week, but occasionally one to remind the congregation of what worship is all about.
Hey, different strokes for different folks...a song like Heart of Worship may be appropriate in a certain situation. And one of our best services at our church was Xmas eve, when the power went out and we ended up having our service acappella in the parking lot!

BTW, I have pet lyrics for the chorus of Indescribable (in G)....

It's too high to sing,
Way too high to sing....(etc..)

Yeah, too bad Chris Tomlin doesn't write songs in keys that a normal congregation can sing them in. I almost always have to transpose his songs.
No matter who records the song, I'm always considering whether I should find a different key that works better for the congregation.

I'm sorry if I come across strong on this, but I hear this complaint way too much. I don't believe we should expecting Chris Tomlin to record in keys that we want to sing in. He needs to sing his songs in keys that sound good for his voice. We can change the key for congregational singing.

To tell you the truth, the songs that bug me are the one's with ranges so large that it's either too low or too high, no matter what key you put it in. There's quite a few Hillsong songs that fall into that category.
Funny that Chris Tomlin didn't write "Indescribable."

But anyway, studio cuts are many times tracked in higher keys, perhaps because of the timbre of the song or for variety. Anyway, don't let a studio recording stop your team from singing a song. :)
@Benjamin indescribable? really? HMMM!!!! Isreal song just seemed more of his song and just personal.
@Bet Nich, yes I agree with you and this particular congregation is growning in the new way of praise and worship they have been singing hymns for ages and now there is a praise and worship team. So that song will probably go over there heads. I want to teach one of Hillsongs worship songs, were they are spiritually and also be sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit. They really dont like the changes, lol.
Told ya! haha...
I too believe that there are a large number of 'spiritual songs' that are really not meant for the congregation on sunday morning. Save these songs for reflective 'specials' i say.
True - a lot of them could be solos, duos, played for offering, greeting time, Communion, alter call, over the sound system before/after service, etc.
Yes bet nich I agree, but not for corporate worship!!


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