This is not my usual type of post...I almost didn't even put it up. But, this site has proven helpful in the past to me, so I'm hoping at least to find some strength here. If it borders on, or crosses into TMI, I apologize in advance.
Yesterday I was told that a polyp had been found in my gall-bladder. I didn't know what that meant, and being 28 days from giving birth, I didn't focus on it enough to ask for details. My husband & I were more interested in asking future baby stuff. Praise God - after 7 years of marriage & one previous loss, we're so excited to be THISCLOSE. :)
It wasn't until I got home...and I looked it up & saw on the Mayo Clinic website that these things can be cancerous...I had a panic attack. Daniel and I are now praying that this thing disappears.
I know we're supposed to be strong, but...I'm, terrified. I know this sounds awful, but I don't want to have come this far & give birth only to have to "go away". I recognize I've had it pretty easy most of my life...and this is the first time my faith's been tested this way.
Having seen many people's posts on here & what they've gone thru...I'm hoping I can be as strong as you. Please, pray for us. Thank you for reading all this long.

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Thanks for having the courage to post this. Getting fears out in the open helps us deal with them. Congratulations on the baby! Focus on that right now. The other you have no control over for at least the next 28 days. If you haven't already, follow up with your doctor on the polyp since you seemed to have not understood the significance until after you got home. Not to discount your fears in any way but I just looked at the mayo website and there is some encouragement there in that they say "Polyps can be cancerous, but they rarely are." and also "Gallbladder cancer is uncommon. When gallbladder cancer is discovered at its earliest stages, the chance for a cure is very good.". Talk to God, talk to those close to you, let them help you keep your fears in check and get ready for the new arrival! I'll be praying for you and your family.
This info from the net is an example of all the other info I found on a quick search:
"Unlike the more common colon polyps, the finding of gallbladder polyps does not necessarily imply that one is at increased risk for cancer. The vast majority (95 percent) of all gallbladder polyps do not give rise to cancer."
It seems that size matters in this case, and polyps less than 1 cm are considered non-cancerous. At worst, indications are that you may need to have your gallbladder removed, but many people have that done when dealing with gallstones, so it's not an uncommon procedure.

By all means you should ask the doctor more about it to put your mind at ease. I know that after suffering a mild heart attack back in June of this year, I was very concerned and read all kinds of scary stuff on the internet. It can begin to imobilize a person, so that you're afraid to do anything. But God truly is our strength, and it's these times when we finally begin to realize what those words really mean.

So go ask the questions you need to ask; remember that facts are your friends, even scary ones. My prayers are with you.
Pete & Rick, thanks for your kind words. After having posted on here this morning, I ended up googling stuff again & came up with even worse & more discouraging information (fatalities, death, etc...ugh). After calling my dr's office in tears, the nurse told me to stop - I can laugh NOW. I'm doing what you said, Pete - sharing my fears with family & close friends, and they're praying :) My Mom even reminded me of Isaiah 53:4 & how it "HAS been done, so just believe it." She also said "We're all here to support you, mija (I'm latina). But, we can only be the fingers - YOU have to use YOUR *hand* to take hold of God's promises." Wow! THAT was a wake-up call. So, Rick, I see what you mean about finally beginning to realize what it means that God is our strength. Thanks for your prayers, my brothers!!
I'm glad you're feeling better. Google is a very dangerous thing. Your mom is a *very* wise lady. :-)
She really is. Especially since she'd actually saddened by the news yesterday. How she did it to encourage me forward...
Greg, thank you so much for sharing this story...I can only imagine how hard it was for this lady to hear that news at what should have been some of the happiest months of her life. However, I think your goal was for me to focus on the latter part of your response: the fact that she WAY outlived her prognosis. I'm going to do that.

Congratulations on the baby and thanks for sharing your story.

As a RN Ill confirm that google is more harmful than helpful most of the time. There are so many variables involved and so many nonsensical sites out there... IGNORE Google right now!!!! Daddy God isnt concerned with what google has to say anyway.

Couple random medical thought..... If you were planning to have a C-section you could probably just have that gall bladder removed at the same time. If thats not the plan, it can easily be taken out later. Lapriscopic (Small little incisions) surgery is almost always done and most people just stay overnight and go home happy... Or the polyp could end up being nothing at all. Never to give you a problem. Just keep contact with your doctor and discuss your questions with him and see what he thinks you should do.

In all of this just let God know your heart... He's callin you closer and theres no better comfort than His care.

God bless..
Aaron, thank you for your medical point of view! I think you can understand when I say that's it's been a series of emotional highs & lows for me. And as for husband, Daniel, has now made me promise I'll stop googling stuff...
I guess I'm slowly realizing there's not much I can do right now to change this. We're praying and talking to God more. Your last line helped: "He's calling you closer & there's no better comfort than His care."

I don't know if any of us are really as strong as we should be all the time. My wife and I adore children and have been blessed with a nice family. It brings me tears to hear your situation. I know God does miracles. I could tell you of several in my life. With that confidence in Him, I will be praying for you. Remember the old Steven Curtis Chapman song, His strength is perfect when our strength is gone. Blessings


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