The youth pastor and I are starting up a couple of youth worship bands (we hope); one for middle school kids (known as Junior High in the US) and one for high school kids. I'm pretty well up to date on worship songs for church congregations, but I wouldn't mind hearing from everyone which songs will be good for a youth band to start learning.

I'm looking for both upbeat rocking tunes and quieter meditative ones. Also songs that will call the youth to action, to begin to see the heart of God towards those who are suffereing.

Both the youth pastor and I want this to be a time of discipling as well as teaching music to the teams.

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There are a lot of great songs out there but one thing I'd say is get your youthband listening. Our junior high is now running it's own worship team alone (scary right). One thing I've noticed about youth groups in general is that they tend to adopt songs; the trick is finding them. For instance ours are, "The Hand that Holds the World" by Starfield, and "Inside Out" by Hillsong. Get your kids looking for bands and bringing stuff to try.
Note: doing this is a little risky in that you might be playing stuff out of your comfort zone...

These are a few bands our group likes:
Starfield (they're not as new age as they sound ;) and some amazing songs!)
Hillsong United
David Crowder
Brandon Heath
Here are some awesome but really unknown songs
Talmidim (the servants)
Breakers Commission
The Invitation
Salt and Light
One More Time
No End At All
and any Ascend the Hill song (they are just great)

Hi Rick,


Might want to check out some songs by Tommy Walker.  "Mourning into Dancing," Only a God Like You," and "Speak to Me" come to mind.  "Speak to Me" is a little slower but a great song nonetheless.  Mr. Walker composes songs that are a little tougher to play musically, but with enough rehearsal (and maybe a little cheating) I'm sure the youth could get them down.  The lead sheets to all his music are available on his webite for a small fee.  ( )


As always -- Hillsong United, Desparation Band, Lincoln Brewster, Newsboys, Chris Tomlin -- good stuff and not too hard.


May the Lord Bless your ministry!



aka Child of God

Does anyone now the Chords to You're my refuge by interface?
I just got a free .pdf from Kim gentes' website.  If you Google "you're my refuge interface lyrics gentes" it comes up right there and ready, available in various forms.
Idk if anyone already said this but take it all by hill song is a good up beat one and Funn :)


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