So I minister out a lot without my full worship team, and looking for more recent backtracks, and when leading a youth group in worship, they get bored of old songs and the way to attract youth to God is through new music. I know of ,but they are a couple months behind the world in updates.

Any suggestions of websites I can try?

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have you considered making them?  Ableton, time and hard work produces some great tracks.  I know a couple of good tricks to make it easier as well.

I have no problem making them, except for time. And it is more cost effective to purchase the backtracks and pay the performance royalty fees than paying for reproduction and performance. 

Back masking is of the devil...wait, did you say backtracks?

I've been having good luck with lately.  And they are a bit cheaper than some of the others, especially if you're purchasing multi-tracks over click tracks.   


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