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I know I posted this on my page, but I'm going to change my first verse singing (not happy with the way I'm doing it), and timing of the electric guitar needs tightened, not to mention adding drums, but if there's anything else you can add to my pile of "need to do's" let me know. :)

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hi Alicia. Before I forget I really liked "rest upon your shepherd." That was a great image for me. = ) You have a beautiful voice. It has a rich color to it. God loves it when we sing a new song to Him. I try to remind myself of that when I get too critical. I think your song blesses Him. "A hallelujah" was a unique way to sing that word. The only comment I have is that you might want to consider adding something fresh and different to your lyrics to give it something new and catch the listener by surprise. Other than that I enjoyed it. God bless ~ Lara~
Alicia, just so you know this is to critique songwriting not production. That would be in another forum. BUt since you posted here, I will tell you what I thought of your song.

It's great! very accessible melodically and your chorus is infectious. You have a terrific voice too. Blessings!
Thanks ladies... I try to think outside the box in song writing. Too many lines are way over used these days. I loved "touch the hem of mercy" and then found it in another song. Go figure. I think this is where the Holy Spirit can lead us into new creativity. This song was written in 2005, and I would hope my use of words (I love words!) will ripen with age. (That was a new wine reference there. haha)
As it plays...

Very nice recording quality and instrumentation! The vocals are a touch hot in the mix for these speakers.
Beautiful progression! Great voice!

Love the chorus! Very powerful and moving!
Nice backing vocals!
Really like the "A-Hallelujah", very unique!

Your synth and electric guitar players are very good!

Much bigger chorus this time, perfect!
This is such a powerful chorus!

Yeah, a solo! You don't see enough of these anymore, imho.

This is a terrific piece!
Would make a perfect bridge between the "praise" and "worship" segments, if you define them like we do.

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

I enjoyed listening to this song.
The chorus really soars. The layered vocals combined with piano build a lot of energy even though there aren't any drums.
Now, if you got Matthew Ward from 2nd Chapter of Acts to add his voice on top of the other vocals, that would be the icing on the cake. I can picture a congregation enthusiastically joining in, singing their hearts out.
Oh yeah, tasty little guitar solo in the middle.
Who is Matthew Ward? And yes, our congretation sings this. LOL on the tasty guitar solo. That was Edd Gryder (also on WTR), who owns the recording studio where I recorded this. He's very talented!!
Hi!! I really liked the song its really heart touching .......just awesome....praise the lord
So... how DO Aussie's sing this word?
That's like American's mixing wallabies and kangaroos. Almost can't tell them apart! lol
Great congregational song. Even better listening a second time around. It grows on you. Beautiful voice.
Lyrics simple and great to follow.
Easy to understand why you sing "A-hallelujah" because of the way the note jumps. Gives the "halleluia" some power. I like it.
I hope I made sense to you. :)
You know what cracks me me up about the A-Hallelujah conversation is that it was so unintentional. In fact, I was going to go back and correct that to Allelujah, but now that I see your perspective I think I'll keep it.

I had the first verse for a long time. Took some prayer and creative work to pull out the second one. I was trying to think of things that you don't normally put together. Like, "rest on the shepherd". Follow the shepherd, yes. But not rest on him. Yet, he says (loose translation here) He leads those with young beside still waters; which, to me, indicate places of rest. And then I was thinking how David would play for Saul, and that got me to "sing a love song to the King of Kings." Can you even imagine what that would be like face to face? Which song would come out of your heart if you stood before Him? It's such a personal question that can't really be answered because none of us know what would pour forth. And then "laying your heart before the Prince of Peace". That speaks to me of laying down our burdens and accepting His peace instead.

Anyway, that's where I was coming from with lyrics.

Thank you, all, for your kind words and encouragement.


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