I couldn't find a prayer wall so I'm posting here.
My wife could really use some prayer.
Its too difficult to explain everything she's been going thru. But she's suffering a lot of pain in her mid section. We've been to more doctors and ran more tests than I care to think. And have another appointment on Wednesday.
I'm praying first of all for her healing. But also that the doctors would get to the root and deal with this ongoing issue.

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Hello! I will stand in agreement with you for we KNOW that we are VICTORIOUS!
Hello, I also join in the prayers for your wife, each day at a time and lots of prayer and staying close to her Father. By the way, there is a group on here that is a prayer wall - might get more coverage through that. Blessings and healing to your wife, and you x
Count me in too. It's easier with first names instead of 'Acts 7's wife', but the Lord knows who we're praying for.
Thanks all - my wife's name is Lorrie.
Thank you everyone for the prayers. We saw the ob/gyn today. They're running a series of additional tests. But they are scheduling a hysterectomy for next week.

Praise God we have already been blessed with two beautiful children. And really I just want my wife to feel better. I'll keep everyone posted. Thank you so much for the prayers.


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