So I can't seem to figure out how to get my Pro Tools to work on my mac. The Mac is a OS X 10.3.9 and I just bought a Lacie External Hard Drive for recording purposes. I plugged the hardware into another mac, same OS same everything, and it worked. On my computer, Pro tools is reading my external as a non-recording device for Audio. I'm using Firewire and everything works, I just can't seem to allocate my recording files to save to the external.

Any thoughts? Anybody else run into this problem?

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I am sure that you believe that what you said is true, but from my experience with computers (mac and PC alike) I would have to disagree. Computers are ruthless, you see. You believe that everything was the same, but if the two machines did not behave in the same manner, then the conditions are most certainly not the same. (Or, more specifically, your installation of ProTools does not believe they are the same.)

I would bet that it has to do with some preference in ProTools. My version is quite old, so I don't know that my PT expertise will be of a lot of help. I do remember that when I was setting things up for the first time, the answers to my issues were not necessarily intuitive.

The digidesign forums (and the helpful folks there) helped me to resolve my initial issues. : ) You may find someone here by chance who has your configuration, but you'll likely have a better chance there. It is worth it to go through the process - I learned a lot when setting mine up. It's a great tool, as well. I'm sure you'll have a blast once it is up and running.
Yeah, something on my computer is messed up. Something is keeping me from recording. I just have no idea what it is. I've used digidesign forums and web help multiple times and it's helped. But I've emailed about this a couple times and haven't received anything back. But I'll keep trying. I'll try the preferences in Pro Tools and see what I can find. Thanks jc
Is the Pro Tools software copy protected? If so, it may not like being installed on more than one may have to 'deauthorize' it on one machine in order to get it to work on the other. Or call Tech Support to get permission to have it on two computers.

The only other thing I can think of is that for some reason your Mac doesn't like the external hard drive. Is ProTools installed on the Mac's HD, or the Lacie External itself? That may be a problem; some large programs want to be on the Mac's internal HD, not on the external HD used for recording.

See if you can copy other types of data (pics, PDF's, word processing, etc.) to the external HD. If you can't, well, that's where the problem may lie...
That sounds like the right track - you may have 2 issues that are disguised as 1.

1. Can you record anything at all - even to the internal hard drive?
2. Can you record to the external drive (as bet's reply asks)?
I can't do either. So you'd suggest, re-downloading pro tools onto the external hard drive correct?
Actually, I would approach this as two separate issues.

First, answer bet's reply - where is Pro Tools installed? It may be acting weird if it is not on the internal hard drive. Your first priority is to get Pro Tools working on your HD and then be able to record onto that. When checking on this (and other) forums, make sure folks know that you have to figure that one out first.

Second priority (after first issue is working properly) is to test it with the external HD. Until you get the first issue resolved, you don't know if you have two issues or if you have two symptoms of the first issue. If you don't tackle the first issue, well, first, you may be spinning your wheels.


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