What are your processes, practices, priorities, procedures, etc when you step into a new worship leading position? Generally, you are replacing a previous leader and taking on some existing and potentially challenging procedures and people.

I've been through this a few times myself, and am possibly about to do it again, which spurs the question. :)

What are some of the biggest hurdles you had to face when taking on a new position?

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So... I started our band in 1993, then "retired" in 2002 but stayed at the church, helping with sound setup, playing bass for a while 'til I didn't any more.  The "new guy" who replaced me... well, I had my own reasons for not getting along with him, and maybe I should have found a new church, or at least stopped being involved with the band.  Some other people weren't real fond of him either, and in 2013, the pastor decided he wasn't working out and asked if I would come back and take over for the band for a while.  Still doing it in 2018, still thinking frequently about how five years is enough... Blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, when I came back as WL, it just seemed like everybody had a few things to get off their chest about him, so we made a "rule" - for one month, we could make snarky remarks about [previous guy] and then after that, no more.  Just little stuff like, "hey, it's 10 minutes 'til service, isn't it time for [previous guy] to get here?  Oh, yeah, he's not leading anymore."  (There were also some people in the congregation who had similar feelings)

And then, after that first month, any time somebody (me included) started to talk about [previous guy], somebody else would say, "hey, our month is up, no more snarky remarks about [PG]."  And we stopped and just got on with being the worship band.  Even if somebody from the congregation said something to one of us, the rule applied... okay to say things for that first month, and then it stops.

This might not work everywhere, and it helped that as soon as he found out that WL was no longer a paid position, that was the last we saw of him... but I think it helped the transition to just give ourselves a little room there.  I know in some situations, the snarky has to stop right away, but this worked surprisingly well for us.

I wasn't entirely planning to mention this, but since this thread hasn't gone anywhere, at least I don't have to feel guilty about having killed it...

Haha nice Charles! :) Thanks for sharing. That's funny and also not a bad idea at the same time. Definitely there is a line to establish in that scenario. People will of course have opinions on the previous guy... and will also have opinions about the new guy. Establishing guidelines for what is okay and not okay to discuss is good.


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