Hey guys! This is my first "created" topic, so be gentle. :)

I've been writing and recording since the '80s, but recently re-invested into the Studio and have begun Producing for other artists. This is a project I'm working on with a local Songwriter, it will be her 3rd CD, and I will be handling everything from all backing tracks to Production to duplication and distribution...I'm basically acting as everything from production studio to "Indie record label" on this one...

The project isn't specifically "worship", and a couple of the tracks are slightly ambiguous in their message, but this is intentional on the part of the Songwriter, and there is a purpose to it. But I hope you can take a little time, listen through a few tracks, read some of the lyrics, and reply here with some input.

Most of these tracks are currently "scratch demo" material, and are songs that are currently still in progress.

Input can be critique of the songs themselves, lyrics, production, whatever...I'm open to any input you feel comfortable giving. It is my hope that some of the tracks will bless some here, in the midst of sharing here.

Jessamyn Urban "Desperate Lullaby" project.


Thanks, and God Bless!


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Thanks for sharing this Michael - you might find that these sort of posts sit better in the blogs section of the site, as they're not so much a question but rather sharing information... just my thoughts :-)


Micheal - a quick comment on listening to the first few seconds of the first song: the quality sounds good. I don't know what you are using for a DAW, but I would recommend doubling (or tripling) the vocal track and experimenting with some reverb and compression on the vocal to give it a bit more weight and help it sit better in the mix.
Hey, Michael, nice stuff. I would agree with Hiram that you need to try something with the vocals, like doubling the track and delaying it by 20 ms. Also add some nice 'verb. What are you using for gear?

Listening to "Who is my Neighbour", I notice that the piano is overpowering the vocals. This is a constant problem that I have, and my wife keeps reminding me "Make sure the vocals come out above the music!" You could start with a good keys level, but then back it down when the singing starts...you know what I mean.
Hi guys! Thanks for the replies so far!
You can find a complete gear list on my Studio page, here

These are still mostly rough scratch demos, we'll be re-recording most of what's on them, and "To the Trees" is being completely reworked. I recently bought a TC-Helicon VoiceTone "Correct" pedal, and it provides a corrected EQ, warmth and pitch correction for the vocals. You can hear the difference it makes on the vocals on "Six Years Old". This is closer to what the vocals will sound like throughout the project, except adding some FX, doubling, BGVs, etc.

Thanks again!



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