Hi guys!
Currently in my church we are using a "praisenow" software for lyric projection. It functions well, however recently the thought of having a software that can project "moving backgrounds" or effect would help else during special events. Currently our software only allows still background.

What software does your church use or which ones would you recommend? Free and chargeable recommendations are welcomed. Of course free would be better lol

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We use Media Shout.

We use mediashout and are very happy with it.
We use Live Worship, the main reason we picked it is because it works on Mac and PC and that was important to us. But having said that it also does everything we need it to do and it does it well.

We set up all the media for our meeting in one file, this includes pre-meeting notices, a countdown, worship songs with still or moving backgrounds, video clips, audio clips, preacher's slides, anything we need it seems to be able to handle. It can also use live video if you hook up a camera to the computer, we use this for baptisms.

It's not perfect, there are quirks that you have to get used to, but it has proved very effective. It's best feature, above everything it can do, is that it's easy to train someone how to use, a 10 minute lesson and a trainee is ready to try it out for themselves.

Their website is liveworship.com if you want to check it out. Unfortunately it's not free, but you get what you pay for!
Thanks for all your recommendations. Will look Media Shout and Easyworship : )


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