I've been the worship leader of a church for a number of years now. heretofore we have never used overhead projection technology to assit our people in singing our worship songs. over the years we've just kinda put songs out there and hope they get it. obviously that approach works for some songs but not well for others. how important is it to the worship experiance to project the words to our songs on a screen so our people can see and learn the songs better? i suspect it's more important than we've realized.

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hey Ben
I agree with you whole heartedly. the funny thing is we have a professionally installed projector and screens.
we just have never used them for projecting our our worship songs and I know that sounds weird lol. our church is 20 + yrs old and i guess by time we got our projector a few years ago we were just use to doing worship without it.
although I have asked myself over and over why we were not using it for this purpose. anyway we are going move forward and make some changes. I thank every one for your input.

Well I'm sure you know that worship and praise is an expression toward God from His people. I have noticed over the years that if the people do not know the songs or do not have the words they tend to treat the service more as a concert rather than a worship experience. I personally feel it is important to have the words projected or either available on a hand out. A handout is not the best but it works well in a pinch.
thanks you for your input, and you know you are absolutely correct, thats how I feel many times like
were putting on a concert even though we work extremely hard at not letting it become that.
The pros outweigh the cons. I think the most important thing would be trying to help the congregation have the greatest possible encounter with God through worship in the form of music. I think projecting the words aids that cause; not knowing the words could hinder someone from fully experiencing the moment as the Spirit fills the place. The communication of lyrics can uplift a person and build stronger fellowship. And, it is proclaiming words of praise and adoration!



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