For various reasons our Church worship team would like to put the band on staging (to the side of the church). The staging would probably be a wooden topped/metal frame/hollow design to match that in the centre of the church. However our tech team are convinced that the vibrations etc. from the drums in particular will be picked up by the vocalists' mic's and so the project is on hold at the moment. Is this an issue? If so how do people get around it?

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There are Acoustic Floor covers and/or two layers of underlay and and old carpet.

there is a drum carpet:

or Gym floor cover which would damp out vibrations.

Give the singer a mic they can wear?

Where does the team set up now?

Are all using amps, and an open, acoustic drum kit?

Tech team might want to do some research before shooting it down. This can all be dealt with easily, even in a small venue.

The keys, acoustic guitar and bass go straight into the PA and the electric guitar is from a mic'ed AC15. The drums have a screen in front (though it makes precious little difference).

You are exactly right about needing to do some research however as they aren't doing it I have taken it upon myself to do the research and use it to try and persuade them that it is possible.

Umm....this is done almost 100% of the time with concerts and all. Why is it a problem for your tech team? With proper mic choice, placement and EQ this is a non-issue (e.g. high pass filters no lower than 100Hz on all vocal mics - even a bit higher for the female voices).

I'm not technically minded, but in our team the vocalists are almost sat on the drums.  The drums aren't mic'd up and there's a wool blanket stuffed if the bass drum (don't know why).  Doesn't seem to be a problem with us, although we don't have a technical team.

The wool blanket is there to stop the bass drum drowning the band. Without the additional damping there's a good chance all the audience/congregation would hear would be THUMP THUMP THUMP. This is not a problem for live bands at gig volume because everyone is much louder and the bass drum then sits OK in the mix.

@JW - the perspex screens will cut a lot of the drum sound from penetrating to the congregation, even though it will still be loud 'locally'.

Sounds like a tech team with "old church" opinions.  You have an uphill battle on your hands. 


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