Our aging church building has an "L" shape. We have remodeled and re-arranged the building several times to get more space to put people. (Our pastor is awesome and we cannot fit everyone who would like to hear the Word from him!)

With all the moving around, our quality of sound has degraded. Would it be worth it to get a sound engineer in to evaluate us? It seems like we have some decent equipment but some areas are too loud. Others are muffled, and one is too bright.

I have ideas but would like to hear others' point of view. Since I'm just the guitar player my opinion doesn't seem to have any effect. I at least want to sound good for the effort.

Thanks and GOD Bless!

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First, yes, a good sound engineer can work wonders. Second, a bad one is a waste of money. Third, being just a guitar player doesn't have to cripple you, I would learn a bit and start to develop some expertise in the area.

What part of the country are you in?
As a guitar player you should have a distinct advantage over most people, because you have a musicians ears to recognise variations in sound quality. In addition your instrument operates in the same frequency range as the human voice, and you should therefore be reasonably tuned in to sound variations in that frequency range.

But I understand about not being considered worth much because of what you do. I don't honestly know if it's worth having an engineer in - he might just tell you that some places are too loud, some muffled and one area is too bright (that's $250, thanks).
It's always worth it to have a good consultant come in, but do your research. You don't want to hire anyone who will just want to sell you their stuff. Check references. Also, your opinion can get a boost if you find others who feel the same way to partner with you to help your ideas get a fair hearing.

Nathan, is your church affiliated with any specific denomination or do you have any kind of friendly relationship with any other larger churches in your area? When I had sound problems at our church I was able to ask the lead sound tech at a much larger church in our area to swing by and take a look. He has been there 20 years and that church has phenomenal sound quality. I bought him lunch for his efforts and we had a good time. He helped us tweak our speaker placement, stage monitors, amp gain, soundboard levels, etc. Big improvement.
If you are a growing body, you need to invest both in a sound engineer and acoustical engineer. They can be expensive, but if you aren't doing your sound correctly, people aren't going to hear what your pastor is trying to say.


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