The United States put $25 million bounty on Osama Bin Laden's head.  Al-Qaida thinks this man so dangerous they have put $60 million bounty on his head.  He preaches like this, even though he is exiled from his land, and his brother had his tongue cut out and was murdered for preaching the gospel.  See this video to get an idea of why al-Qaida hates him.  And pray for him.

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Pretty cool. May God bless this bold man.
This guy is more than intelligent. He sick of the murder and beheadings that are done in the name of radical Islam. He made ten very valid points. He touches on how whoredom has destroyed much faith in Islam, Judaism and Christianity.
Women were born for their masters, servants or wives. They were not born for the anti-christian power that has come into the world and Jesus Christ will change all of that upon his return. Be blessed and stand strong in the faith.

St. Mike
We are now conditioned to say "radical Islam" as if this behavior is not actually condoned in their book, as if the "radicals" are somehow going against the core teachings. This man makes it clear that this ugly behavior is coming straight from their texts. It needs to be addressed for sure, as he says. He can stay at my house any time.


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