So i want your opinions on this if possible.


Since I've been leading worship I have made it mandatory for the sound guys to be present at practice so us musicians wouldn't have to run to the board and make any changes, saving us a bunch of time.


What are your thoughts?  Do you always have a sound tech there?  or am I just wasting their time?


Thanks in Advance!



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A couple of the guys on our worship team are comfortable with the sound system enough to get things going at rehearsal.  I don't ask the sound guy to come down specifically just to set up gear and mix monitors, we are fully capable of that.  There is enough going on in our church that even if he set a mix at rehearsal, it would definitely change before Sunday (argument for digital right there...), but more importantly, once you fill the church with people - everything changes anyway!

The more your music program depends on a 'professional' type of sound, the closer the relationship needs to be with the sound person.  There are also sound people with different sets of talents.  Some just don't know how to mix that well -- they have to be told everything -- but they will faithfully adjust the knobs until the musicians are happy (one guy runs out to the back a lot, listening and relaying info), and will faithfully be there Sunday morning with a smile.  Hopefully, the church gets filled with enough people to affect the acoustics;)

Many good things have been said as the head sound tech of our church all volunteer, I believe it is important to be at the rehearsals and other musical events ie team get togethers.  As stated we are part of the team and need to act as it.  Most of the time we are their 20 minutes before to set up and ensure everything is ready to go on time. 


If the sound team is not willing to be at the rehearsals then are they really committed to the ministry.  We have worship training days and all team teaching sessions.  Audio is not really required or set and forget for these events however the sound and media people are requested to there so they can spend time as part of the team.


I was invited to the last worship leaders team meeting and it was great to be able to sit and hear what they were planning and the issues they were having.  I know all of them well so it was also nice to spend an evening with them.

Please include your mix musician in your events if they are unwilling then it should be treated in the same way as an unwilling singer or instrumentalist.   

I think it is good for them to be there, but it is very frustrating if you give up time, to not be doing anything, so :


1) Find new ways to involve them, giving feedback, invite discussion on arrangements, song keys, word meanings musical bits and bobs. 

2) Show them they are valued, Make it the norm for the musicians to greet and verbalise appreciation for the engineers. Include them in group prayers etc.

3) Give them responsibility for the PA - As simple as this sounds, make sure they actually have responsibility for what they are doing. Make it their domain, let them create the setup process, be involved in speccing and maintaining the equipment, give them ownership and they will feel needed. (which they are)

4) Go for a social after - Go for a drink after practice, to unwind and discuss (and/or play pool). This makes the effort, so much more worth while!

The circumstances may make a difference.  If you practice with sound system A, but worship in a different place with sound system B, then I would say not necessary.


If the same exact band members play from one week to the next, then maybe not.


Otherwise, yes, have the sound person be there.


We also have the slide person there to make sure all of the slides are right and to go through the slides during practice mainly because the slides get projected on the back wall so the singers can sing to them real time.


It's really all you can do though if the only sound person you have can't be there.  You should ask them politely if they would.




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