Does anyone do a small intimate worship service (in a home) for their team. I find it's a good way to refocus the team that I play with. We'll actually have communion together and have a time for prayer, singing, and study of the word. Sometimes being in front of the congregation for weeks on end can burn me out a little so I really enjoy this.

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I have never thought of doing it before but sounds like a great idea. I am going to have to give it a try. We usually have a woship time each Tesday before we practice. I do try to do several dinner/fun nights during the year just so we can relax and fellowship with each other and they have always been good and refreshing.
Sometimes we do stuff just for fun too, like have a cook-out at somebodies home, or
go to open-mic night at the downtown coffeeshop. A couple months ago we went as
a group to see a Third Day concert, and for dinner before that. I think this sort of
stuff builds us up as friends and gives us time to bond outside of "work".
I like hearing about all of these cool ideas for having a fun relaxed time together as a team. I think I need to start planning one!
Another thing we have done in the past, and I plan on us doing this year, is having a city wide scavenger hunt. That was so much fun. It also helped us to bind and work together as a team as well as offer up a little bit of friendly competition. We ended the night with food and fellowship back at the church.
I'd like to hear some more information of this idea...What would/could they search for? This sounds very exciting
One way we did it was the person who stayed at the church as coordinator, we called her Ma Choir, came up with riddles for clues along describing the place and the item to collect. Once the clue was figured out the team would then hop in a car or van and go get the item or a picture of the item if it couldn't easily be collected. Once all the items were collected on the list everyone would return to the church and the team with the most correct items won. You can have as many or few clues as you want, ranging anywhere from a stick of gum from a convenience store to a picture of the pastor's family in front of their home.. I think we had between 12 and fifteen clues.

An example of a clue could be something like this:

At the house of the clown, under arches of gold, you can find me carrying things refreshing and cold. Large, medium or small, one size fits all.

The answer: A drink carrier from McDonald's.

You can mix up the clues with easy ones and more challenging ones. When we did it we had a lot of fun going from place to place figuring out the clues. A lot of laughter and team bonding took place.
I love that idea. Our team does have meetings occasionally...the last one was a team breakfast at the church on Saturday morning......we ate together, then went over some things for our meeting, and afterwards some of the prayer ministry from our church came and prayed over everyone. It was a very powerful time. We have another one planned for later this month.
We also all went into an Integrity workshop together, in Anchorage. There were about 25 of us, a pretty good showing. Afterwards we went out to eat together and it was just a real fun day. I think occasionally doing stuff that is not worship practice or even church related, as a team, helps build relationships and brings us closer; we can just relax and get to know one another. Another important thing that we do is invite our spouses to these events, so they can be a part of the team happenings and get to know the other members as well.
You know this is an awesome idea, just to be out of the main stream worship environment and can bring more unity into you team like never before. We do this every quarter. It is a time of worship but also planning for the team and for them to share the songs and things that they would like to integrate into the worship. It makes it so tight!
It's really a good idea to build a strong relationship with your group. Usually we hang out in different houses, try a cooking spree or just have the time to relax a little. Other times we go out to the park and just have fun, but in all things
and in everything we also try to build ourselves up in the word of our Lord. Having a strong bond helps us all to face another week to be in front of the congregation...
We can tide through all kinds of misunderstandings and conflicts as long as we have enough memories of good times together. :) I remember my first worship team, the leader took special effort to build all those memories and experiences!


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