I will be laying vocals on my own CD very soon. I want to hear from some of you who are experienced recording artists....

The most important thing to me is allowing God to use me to minister to His people and those still lost in the world who need His love and salvation.

I want to be responsible and use wisdom with the songs and the talent God gave me. I want your suggestions concerning things I should be aware of when recording and distributing music. It seems a shame to keep them in a notebook, but I want to be wise in the way they are recorded, distributed, and shared.

Be blessed and let me know what you think.

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Best advice I can give is if you are inexperienced, get an experienced producer and engineer (or producer-engineer) to work with you. You need someone who not only knows the technical side, but has the equipment and musician contacts to move things along quickly on your budget. You can waste a lot of time in the studio, which can be quite expensive, if you are not organized and knowledgable. People who play need to be ready to go and that takes knowing what to give them when and how so that they can be. Additionally, pick not just your best songs but the songs which fit best together. Coherent CDs are much more marketable and appealing to people than mixed bags of eclectic songs seemingly with no stylistic or thematic connection. I should know, I made that choice with my second CD and it has sold the least of my three CDs so far. Lastly, leave yourself time. Don't set a tight deadline. Allow the time it takes to get it right. I have had to live with a CD which could have been better because of tight deadlines and budget limits. You will have to live with this for the rest of your life, so allow it the time it takes to be as good as it can be. Good luck and God Bless!
Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it very much. Be blessed!
I would suggest covering the whole thing in prayer. I know, you're probably looking for technical help here but often I find we get so lost in the technical difficulties sometimes we put the spiritual component in the back seat.

If you're working with someone else, make sure you've hooked up with folks that share your vision and that you trust to hear from the Holy Spirit regarding your ministry. Nothing kills a good ministry effort like unspoken competing agendas.
I absolutely agree. Thank you for your advice. Be blessed. :)
CS, I've found that I can cut and paste a previous quote, and then just convert it to bold or italics with the tools provided. Hope that helps.
I have done this many times. I want to use the talent and songs God gave me to minister to His people and further His kingdom.

I know it is God ordained for me to do this, because I have received many words from people who did not even know that I write or sing that this is what God has for me. The words are too similar and from people who had no knowledge of my desires or giftings.

I asked God to tell me if my dreams were too big, and I did not tell anyone that I had this prayer. The next week at church, our pastor stopped mid-sentence during his sermon. He told me, "I don't know why I need to tell you this, but I have to say it now. God says your dreams are not big enough...He has more for you than you could ever imagine concerning your music ministry." There was more said and many very specific things that only God could know about me and my desires to serve him. I know it was from God.

Similar things have happened many times. He has answered every question directly I ever had concerning this calling, and I know that I know that this is what I am supposed to do. I have been a Mom first for a very long time, but my children are bigger now, and I can step out more and do more things. I am excited about what God is going to do in our lives because of this.

My sister asked me how I would feel if this never happened for me...My response was this: God is not a liar, and He does not break his promises. I did not seek this, He told me I was going to do it. He put the desire in me to worship, write, and sing. He is going to bring it to pass, and I will not doubt Him.

I know it is absolutely essential to put God first in this...I also know that sometimes, we have to put actions to our words and be willing to step out on faith. Scary as it can be, that is what I am going to do. It is up to God to do the rest...


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