Can anyone provide some good chorus' to just flow with over and over. We sometimes use Glorify, or Let it Rain etc., but looking for something in a good key that we can just sing and have the instruments play and allow some singing in the spirit and worship time. I appreciate your feedback..

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Not By Might by Robin Mark is a great one!

I know it's not a Chorus, but the Bridge of Came To My Rescue.

"My life be lifted high

Our world be lifted high

Our love be lifted high"
Start of soft then gradually get louder as you repeat it

HI Scott.


We have a book of just chord progressions, 3 or 4 chords per page.  At alter call we will play a progression and then repeat whatever the pastor's message was on...this last week the message was about blind Bartimaeus, and how he cried out to Jesus "Jesus have mercy on me!"  So we repeated this chorus - the Rhema word - that God had given us thru the Word, and go from there. Then I think we added" I was blind but now I see"   


Worship is very powerful and fresh this way...kinda another dimension .. just ask your other team members to repeat the word that God gives you and stay on that thought for 5-10 times thru...When you stay on the same chords it is easy for others to follow and sing along too.


I also watch the prayer room at IHOP - and have been to a few local Houses of Prayer in our area...this has helped me immensely in being open to the Spirit and letting God lead...

I'm kind of curious about this thread - how many of you are using repetitive choruses already? How long do they last? What portion of your worship service is devoted to this? We don't actually use any at the moment, so I'm curious how this works.


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