I try to be a bit ahead on my Easter set lists and this year has me stumped, especially in the area of a fast, upbeat rocker.  A "all because of Jesus" or "Oh Happy Day" type of song.  All input would rock.

- ty

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Might consider

"BRAND NEW DAY" by Don Poythress, Carl Cartee, & Paul Baloche http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp2w8-YhwkU 

"MY REDEEMER LIVES" by Rueben Morgan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBbSyig8vQ0 


You could also "modernize" some classic hymns like:

1.  All Creatures of Our God and King

2.  All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name

3.  Christ the Lord is Risen Today

4.  Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty

5.  The Old Rugged Cross


But ultimately, any song that speaks of our Lord and Savior Jesus is worthy!


God Bless!




thank you

Hey, you might try (for a real rocker) "Never Look Back" from Worth Dying For ("Live Riot" CD) or "One Love" from the same CD. Also "Rise And Sing" from Fee ("Hope Rising" CD)... or "Savior Of The World" by Ben Cantelon "Everything in Color" CD... "See His Love" from Jesus Culture "We Cry Out" CD... "This Love" by Planetshakers "Even Greater" CD... "We Shine" from Fee "We Shine" CD. Hope one or two of those will work for you!

You might also want to check out this Easter-specific list of worship songs and charts at WorshipReady.com...


thank you, good stuff here

Here is an easy one.

D           Em                    A          D

Glorious day when Jesus Christ is risen,

G           D                      Em           A

Glorious day when Jesus comes as King.

D          Em                 A       Bm

Glorious day, the gift of life is given,

G           A              D

Given to all who will sing,


 G          A              D

‘Jesus is Lord and I love Him.

Em        A              D

Jesus is Lord and I pray,

G          A                  Bm G

He will return with His angels,

E                         A

Glorious, glorious day.’


V2   Wonderful day...


V3   Beautiful day...


Final chorus

G           A              D

‘Jesus is Lord and I love Him.

Em        A             D

Jesus is Lord and I pray,

G           A                 Bm G

He will return with His angels,

E                          A

Glorious, glorious day.

G            A           D

Glorious, glorious day.’

The dots can be found at www.easyhymn.com CCLI No 6294575



thank you

Aaron Keyes Risen Today.

It is a remake of the same song but in a contemporary genre. This can be a rockin' worship song celebrating victory over the grave.

My song of choice!

hope it's of use to you

This is good, Tim Hughes version of SeeHis Love




awesome song ... !!!

Good to see this timely discussion on here. Anyone else got more suggestions for Easter / Passion / Resurrection songs?

I came here hoping phil would have started a discussion on this topic but am glad you did Kelley. Thanks


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