Hello I joined a long time ago, invited friends but then things changed hands and it all disappeared out of my mind until the new site began. In-between I had signed up for Incubator online. I was reminded to post a song or two into the Song Contest so I did tonight and renewed my password.

I became born-again late in life but have been a professional musician and international recording artist touring and performing worldwide. I was so relieved to realize that music is to give God glory and not "make it for myself" I joined Christian bands and worship praise bands in churches, some steady for 5 years at a time, then for the last 6 years have had the opportunity to be in many churches, events and concerts all over.

My songs are about victory over struggles and rejoicing in salvation. My main instrument is violin but I love to improvise and play all styles of music from Led Zeppelin to Rumbas, Reggae to Jazz. I love to play acoustic but also have my pedalboard with great effects, wahwah and looper. I also play rhythm guitar, percussion and bass.

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Glad to see you back here at WTR! Hopefully you can pop in regularly! :)


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