Hello Everyone, I'm kind of new here. I play sax in my church praise team and just started a group for sax players. If you play sax or any wind instrument I invite you to join. I would appreciate any advice as playing a horn in a worship band is a little difficult. Thanks Dave

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Welcome to Worship the Rock!! This'll be a pretty lonely group as I don't think there are many of us on this site, but I'll still join it. There's already a woodwind group that's had little activity since I've been here.
Thanks for responding . I guess we need to revive this group. what is the woodwind group you are referring to Michael?
Here's the link to the woodwinds group. I think I'll start a discussion there.

Hi David,

Welcome to the elite club of sax players in worship groups.
Pretty rare to find a horn section in church but I think it will get better.
I started playing alto in WSp. some years ago and found it great sometimes.
I never had music so just played melody to back up the singers and poked a few riffs into the empty spaces or ran bass type lines or descants but I found that some of the latest songs written by guitar players in the key of E, were too much for me.

I switched to a C melody sax and found that much more comfortable (you can play in E when the guitars are playing in E) with the added bonus of being able to play alto like in the upper octave or tenor like in the lower octave.

I started a biz selling saxes online to specifically make these great saxes available to Worship groups. http://Aquilasax.com limited.

I think the main thing to remember is that you have a twofold aim when playing. 1. Worship God. 2. Help others to do the same!
Remember you are part of a team and sometimes its better to sit it out.

May He bless you abundantly as you seek Him first.
Hey Steve, Great to see you on this site. I purchased a bflat sop from you guys about 3 yrs ago. I love it. I currently am mentoring a 17 yr old girl in our praise team. She plays alto, but after she tried my sop she begged her parents to get her one. I steered her dad to Aquilasax. She got one last Christmas and is a very happy young lady. I just started doing some affiliate selling on line. Have you ever thought of getting into that. I would love to promote your stuff. God Bless. And thanks for making good saxophones affordable. Dave
Hi David,
Small world, big Dad!
Its my heart to help people worship the Lord with their instruments as well as their breath.
Send me an email and I'll send you a pdf of the agents agreement.

Great to hear the gift is being passed along. Go into all the world **** and make disciples!


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