You're probably going to count this as spam because I'm "advertising" :) but here it is. How do you notify your members when you need to meet to practice? You probably call each member or send out a text message to each person.  It's a pain, right? Yeah I know because that's what I had to go through.

So here is what I did: I created a simple website for small groups, worship groups, etc. to use.  This site allows you to send out messages to all your members at once and it has categorization too.  Check it out, it's free for church organizations.  http://www.nashasms.com/

Enjoy :)

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Does it work for overseas numbers? I'd love to use something like this.
No, sorry. It only works in the United States at the moment. We will try to expand it to other countries too if the demand gets high enough.


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