How many in your typical set are verses from the Bible?

Direct quotes, or paraphrases?

And how many are prayer-like, or inspired by the Word?

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Dear Diana (and other songwriters) -

Please don't give up - you may never know who you and your songs may bless, this side of Heaven. Have you tried playing them for others at a Bible Study, or other gatherings? I know some coffeehouses that have Christian 'open mic night'...
record them on MP3 and upload them at your Worship the Rock page. Then drop us a note. That's what I am going to do, maybe next week. I have a few songs of my own I kept in storage for a long time. Maybe it's time to dust them off and expose them to public scrutiny! :)
I understand exactly what you mean about the meter and rhyme problem when writing songs straight out of scripture. I've just finished writing music to the 15 Songs of Ascents (Psalm 120-134), whole psalms, word for word. While I'm quite amazed that it can even be done, I'm more amazed that my church has been enthusiastically singing it every week for worship, even the little ones as young as 3. It has been such a joy to see the church opening up their Bibles and singing straight out of it! I do not know if you would qualify them to be well-written scripture songs, but the effort has been so very rewarding. And I will continue to write...for we've discovered the "preciousness" of singing the Word of God.
I am taking an Old Testament Survey course and have been setting the required memory verses to music to help my classmates and myself memorize them. I write them to be singable. I think that many church members and perhaps worship pastors limit the type or perspective of songs that could be categorized as "worship". For anyone interested in using some of these songs for FREE! (NO STRINGS), You'll find them at
The majority of our music is what we write. All of our songs are verbatim scripture/ I have uploaded 31 of over 50 songs that we have produced and distributed on cd, on my page. If it is not scripture or at least based in scripture, we won't sing it
Have a good friend Godfrey Birtill from Lincoln, England who told us that while ministries like Hillsongs, Hosanna etc produce some good worship songs, they cannot possibly know what is happening in your locale.They essentially dump a truckload of songs on the church and tell us what we are going to sing for the coming year.
We are the voice of the land where we live and we write the songs to sing over the land and the people who dwell upon it.
I'd hardly call it their fault. :) I'd say that it's because there are too many insecure people who would rather blindly follow men rather than hear from God for themselves, their locale and their church.

Then again, once in a while someone writes a song that is so good it can minister to people on a larger scale... More power to them! :)
Since June last year, my church has begun using word for word scripture songs as part of our worship set. We started with the Psalms (whole psalms), and have since also begun singing from other parts of the Bible. As a church, we have found these scripture songs to be very powerful and relevant in worship. In my reply to another post in this discussion, I wrote that there's something so very "precious" about singing the Word of God, word for word...and that is so true. I do not believe it to be out of style, but rather, I believe it to be very necessary. It is also in obedience to God's command for us to use psalms in worship, as stated in Col, Eph and 1Cor.

One other thing we've discovered is that singing also makes memorizing Scripture, and thus, meditating, much easier : ) Like the rest, I too wished there were more scripture songs written for worship.
They That Wait Upon The Lord, Create In Me A Clean Heart, This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made , Sing Unto The Lord A New Song.
That's all I can think of as far as direct quotes go. None of these are newer songs. I'm not a song writer. For those of you who are make this a challenge for yourself.
I've written a lot of songs straight out of the scriptures. His Word never goes out of style. ;-) ... For me, it's a lot easier to remember scripture if they're in song form, anyway. The same goes for children. It's a great foundation for memorization in a way they can understand, and embrace.
I would say that the majority of songs we sing are scripture songs. And we are a very contemporary church. Most of the songs I write are scripture songs. I suppose I have the same attitude toward songs as I do toward preaching: I (or the pastor) don't really have anything terribly important to say, so let's just see what scripture says.


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