Who listens to secular music and what type(s)?


Or do you believe it is wrong to listen to secular music?  (many strong men of God that I have great respect for have taken this position, the first one I met was James Blackwood  sr.)


I am currently listening to Anoushka Shankar (Ravi's daughter). I love sitar music.

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Interesting - one of the googled videos defined shuckle as Jewish hip-hop (thus referring to the shaking, apparently).  Yes, and when I see pictures of Jewish people davening they are always holding something in their hands (that means the prayer book).  Gotcha. 

I'm curious.  Do you know if in the days of Leviticus the listeners took the command (bind them upon your forehead and hand) literally (physically, with a Tefillin/phylactery), or did that come as time went on?  (or is the development of the phylactery unknown?)

>> one of the googled videos defined shuckle as Jewish hip-hop

Bad definition.  Where you see the guys swaying front to back is shuckling.


As to the development of tefillin, I have never heard when that came about or far back it went. All I know is it was well-established in the current form in the first century bc.

It appears specifically in Talmud which starts to give a clue. It is an interesting read to see the proposed reasons for it. Depending on the Rabbi, it can have many shades and emphases. At some point, there were guys who wisely started to think it was actually meant to be symbolic.

the little boxes strapped to the foreheads and arms are called Tefillin and are mentioned in the NT.

In a negative light no doubt. It appears that the pharisees used them as a status symbol to imply a greater degree of piety. That's the danger whenever we create "worship aids". Everyone does it - big bibles, tattered bibles, lots of rosary beads and on and on. It never stops.

>> In a negative light no doubt.

Somewhat. Matt 23.5.  It is more of a "don't do what they do" kind of thing.  IN the same sentence he also said they lengthen their tassels (Heb Tzitzit, Gr Kraspedon) which he himself wore (the hem (kraspedon) of his garment...).  As that was the case, I take it as a warning to not make a religious show of it.  My set of Tefillin are rather small.

"My set of Tefillin are rather small."

Ha ha. And not growing I assume. 

My wife is off at a women's retreat and they're making prayer beads - kind of Rosary-like thing. Worship aids - that's all they should ever become.

One is always on the edge with any kind of thing like that. It's very easy to become complacent and let the thing become the focus. This also includes actions that are repeated as in any kind of liturgy. I saw it when I attended an Episcopal church for a while. Heck, even the things we do every Sunday morning in our services can become like this.

I just wikip'd "Secular".  To try to define this slippery term, they cited eating and bathing as nonreligious (secular) activities, yet noted that in some societies both eating and bathing are regarded as sacraments (for instance, in Christianity, meals are prefaced with prayer and thanks, thus making the entire meal a religious activity; and washing of hands [or the entire body, say, in the Ganges] has religious significance elsewhere.

If we pray continuously, meaning our entire life is devoted to Christ, then nothing we do is secular, except during those periods in which we are mindlessly going about our chores or play, or intentionally sinning.

This is the 'Song of Job'.....by an old favorite secular band.

That was one of the most awe-inspiring (and fun) settings of Scripture I've ever heard.  Thanks for posting!

Now... when the group is actually presenting this, are they really a "secular" band?  I'm a pastor at my church, but when I'm in Talent Night, and playing Tiptoe Through the Tulips on a keyboard with my toes (been there, did this), am I being a "sacred musician"?

I'm liking Keane right now, kind of like Coldplay but less produced!

I listen to all kinds of secular music.  Blues, heavy metal, rock are the kinds of sounds my speakers make.


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