I need some advice here. A friend of mine has given me the words to a new song and we both want to use a popular old song melody for it. We want to use the song We've got tonight by Bob Seger. What does one have to do to get this done? Do I write the publisher?



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Yes, you have to get permission. But heck if you're just having fun, it's not a big deal.
Okay, well I guess I need to try for permission then because this song is really really good. Thanks Stevo!

Good luck with getting permission, because writers and publishers are extremely reluctant to let anyone change their songs.  If you have a really good lyric, a popular melody (unless it's a parody) might be distracting. How about changing the melody just enough to keep the same idea but keep you out of trouble?




I like your advice, and I might just give it a shot.


Thanks Al



What if you do the same thing with an old hymn? I like to take older hymns and change them up too. Not sure if I want to go putting them on a CD and sell them. I'm just having fun. But someone once told me that most older hymns are public domain. Not sure how to check, but still, I'm just having fun.

His Eye Is On The Sparrow





That's a good idea! Thanks Fred! I am thankful for this group.




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