Come on guys... let's be more sensitive to our guitarist friends! :)

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Ha! Except that I've been told to turn up, I'm comfortable in the flat keys sans capo, the pianist, drummer and vocalists drift up and down over the course of only a few measures from tapped tempo I set on the first bar of the intro, the pianist has started entire songs in the wrong key before, and I'm the one who insists on tuning. Where are these musically challenged guitarists I often hear about but never actually meet? :D

Argh, 'let's be more sensitive to our guitarists friends'...Noooooo, being more sensitive will only encourage them to turn their amps up louder, play diminished chords, race ahead of the band, demand more solos and drive you round the bend.  I'd say 'let's be more tactful and if that doesn't work 'let's be more truthful' but definitely not more 'sensitive'! ; ) ; )

Haha good point Lorraine! :)

Hmmnn... most of the red options are overly critical (although their green pairs sound more snarky than helpful to me, so not a particular win) but I'd pick the Gb / F# as the odd one out. If the red voices is correct, the green one is wrong because it would hide the harmonic function of the note in question. Kindness - and accuracy - all the way....



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