Please share your weekly (or bi-weekly!) set lists here - thanks!

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Sing, Sing, Sing - C. Tomlin
Everlasting God - L. Brewster version
Blessed Be Your Name M. Redman ( Anthony Evans arrangement)
Come Ye Sinners - Todd Agnew arrangement
Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King - Gateway Worship
All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises (Baloche)
Hail To The King (Hillsong United)
How Great Is Our God (Tomlin)

Facedown (redman?)
Everlasting God (Brewster Version)
All Because Of Jesus (Fee)
Forever (Tomlin)
Let God Arise (Tomlin)
You Alone (Gungor)
King Of All Days (Hillsong United)
You're Beautiful (Wickham)

I've recently decided to start included some of our "older" songs. It occurred to me that if I let songs fall out of memory with the congregation, then I'd have to reintroduce them. At the very least it makes it harder to do new songs when the old songs we couple them with are unfamiliar as well. This week it's Forever and Let God Arise. Coming up soon will be:

Here Is Our King (DC*B)
Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble (Delirious?)
Holy Is The Lord (Tomlin)
Salvation Is Here (Hillsong United)
Wonderful Cross (Tomlin)
Open The Eyes Of My Heart (Balouche)
You Alone (DC*B)
Let My Words Be Few (Redman)

Just a few songs that we haven't done in a year or more that I'd rather not loose completely.
First time I've posted in here.
I'll start including the authors on these in the future. I track what [KEY] it's in, and if its ***new, **almost new, *sorta new for our congregation. I like to introduce one new song a month (not more), and will do it for three weeks consecutively so the congregation gets to know it. (That works well for the worship team as well.)

September 6th

1. Famous One (Lincoln Brewster) [D]
2. Made to Worship [G]
3. Amazed (Lincoln Brewster) [E]***
4. All in All [D] end on [G --> A --> G --> A “Here I Am to Worship”]
5. Here I am to Worship [D], end on “Jesus, Lamb of God”
6. Lord I Lift Your Name on High

The rest of September is going to change, so I'll not post that here.
GUMC, Gladeville, TN 6 September 2009

All things are possible (Hillsong)
Blessed be Your name (Redmond)
How He loves us (McMillen)
Father, Spirit, Jesus (Casting Crowns)
My Redeemer Lives (Hillsong)
How Great is our God (Tomlin)
Meet With Me (Lamont Hiebert)
Blessed Be Your Name (Beth and Matt Redman)
Shout to the North (Martin Smith--Delirious)
Agnus Dei (MWSmith)/Worthy (Don Moen) as done by Third Day
As Children (Jeremy Riddle) very much needed in our congregation at the moment
Word of God Speak (Peter Kiplet/Bart Millard) as done by Kutlass
Highest Place (Ramon Pink)
The World Can't Take It Away (Ryan Delmore)

Mid week worship group--acoustic guitar and d'jembe/other percussion
Hosanna (Praise is Rising)--Paul Baloche
Everlasting God (Brenton Brown)
Let My Life be Like a Love Song (Tom Slater/Brenton Brown)
Love of God (Ryan Delmore)
Highest Place (Ramon Pink)
Revelation Song (JLRiddle)
What Can I Bring (Jeremy Riddle)

Lord, Reign In Me (Brenton Brown)
All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises (Paul Baloche)
Hosanna (Praise is Rising)--Paul Baloche
Grace Greater Than Sin (Hymn)/Grace Like Rain (Todd Agnew)
Healing Song (Bebo Norman)
Sing For Joy (Lamont Hiebert)
The World Can't Take It Away (Ryan Delmore)
Sept 6th
Sing Sing Sing -Tomlin
I could sing of Your Love forver (think Zep meets Dilerious) arranged by me
Jesus, Lover of my soul
Enough -Tomlin
Because of Your Love - Baloche)
Holy is the Lord
From the Inside Out/ Hillsong United
God With Us/ Mercy Me
Open the Eyes of my Heart/ Paul Baloche
i dont pick the set, i offer suggestions for songs, i really want to do How He Loves Us by Kim Walker, now David Crowder is doing a version of it.
September 6

I Am Free
Holiness (Take My Life)
You Alone Are Worthy Of My Praise
The Heart Of Worship
Unfailing Love
Last Sunday (September 06)

Liturgical Song: Jesus, What A Beautiful Name (Hillsong) (C, Db, D)

Welcome Song: I Will Enter His Gates (Own Arrangement) (E)

Praises: patterned from Integrity Music arrangements
I Will Celebrate (Moen), (Cm, Dbm)
Sing Unto the Lord A New Song (Hamlin) (Dbm-Dm)
Blow the Trumpet (Rothwell) (Bm, Cm, Dbm, Dm)

Worship: pattern from You Are My God arrangement (Integrity)
Breathe On Me (Hillsong) - G
Be Exalted (Hamlin) - G
I Extol You (Hamlin) - G
Blessed be your name
Take me past the outer courts
We stand and lift up our voice
Show me your glory
I Am Free
Sing Sing sing
Mighty To Save
How Can I keep From Singing
Take My Life
Unfailing Love
Wonderful Maker


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