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Our pastor is preaching a series on Ruth. I have the first Sunday covered as far as music goes. I wanted to get your ideas to put with mine for the next two! The sermons are done with a tie in to the seasons. Sunday 1=Spring, Preparation.  Sunday 2=Summer, Instruction.  Sunday 3=Autumn, Celebration.

Sunday 2 in particular I would love to hear your thoughts on! Our church is kind of a CCLI top 100 kind of church with Hymns very welcome as well. Older praise songs work well too, as some one put it to me yesterday-We are struggling into the 90's!!


I am planning to wrap the whole thing up with a Solo of 

Nichole Nordeman's Every Season. If you haven't heard this song, take a listen. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful songs I have heard. 



Thanks everyone!!


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Can you be any more specific about the content of the sermons as far as what preparation, instruction, and celebration will entail from the pastor's perspective?  If "instruction" means "instruction in/from the Word of God" then there are always songs like "Speak, O Lord" by Townend & Getty or even this song that I wrote last year.



Thanks Alex! It it WILL probably come from a perspective of following the instruction of God and His Word, leading to generosity- the sermon series ties into stewardship.


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