Guys I haven't posted a set list in quite a while because I haven't lead worship in quite a while. Due to big life transitions, I had to step away from regular weekly ministry for a season. I also moved to Colorado during this season. I am stepping into a role now at Foothills A/G in Fort Collins, Colorado. Not sure what the role will be quite yet. :) But, I'm leading worship this Sunday for the first time here. Prayers appreciated. Hopefully I didn't forget how! hahaha

I've tried to nail down a set list that utilizes songs that they are already familiar with of course, so nothing super fresh/new here.

Open Up The Heavens (Vertical)
Here For You (Redman)
My Heart Is Yours (Passion)
I Surrender (Hillsong)

So... what are YOU doing this Sunday?

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Oakwood Bible Church Kalamazoo, MI 9/16

Join All The Glorious Names (Watts)

Wonderful, Merciful Savior (Rogers/Wyse)

Your Name (Baloche/Packiam)


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