God has really been speaking to me this week about vision. Share your vision statement to encourage and inspire us.

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This was written in 2005. Our church has since gone completely bilingual. We are considering changing the worship team vision statement to match that. 


The Northwest Community Church Worship Team

seeks and exists to bring God’s people to His throne, 

to provide a pathway for unbelievers to see Christ, 

to speak through music, the arts, and Scripture,

and to lift the Name of the Lord above all else.

That is Good.

By the lack of responses I wonder if many worship teams really have a clearly defined vision?

I think 'clearly defined' is the key here.  That's what i'm challenged with at the minute.


Love the vision statement above Becky, don't stray too far from it if you do decide to change would be my opinion.

Thank you. 

The change would only define the fact that we are bilingual. But we're not doing it until we clearly see it's needed. Just something we're considering and praying about. 


I wonder the same thing. 
I think it's critical to have it clearly defined and stated. We're not just up there to sing a bunch of songs. We have a mission to glorify God. To fulfill what He has for us to do, we need it stated so we ourselves to stray from His distinct calling. Each church is different, each worship team is different. Our church has a clear vision and every ministry has a mission/vision statement that fits together like a puzzle, but each ministry has its own clear purpose.

Just my 2 cents. 

I've been seeing lately that I really need to continually share my vision with my team and make it clear to them. I really need to take time and write a mission statement.
Ask God what he wants to hear then hit the right notes at the right time.


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