We play quite a lotta secular stuff at church, often with lyrics changed to Christian content. Which is great as many people recognise them and enjoy them

I see a lotta people here don't listen to secular music. So i just want to see what people feel in general about playing secular stuff in church?

Any comments welcome :)

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That brings up an interesting question - is a ballad about historical events "secular" even though it doesn't specifically worship God? Will we sing "Ballad of John Henry" in heaven?

Good topic to discuss.

We listen to 89.9 Life FM when in Melbourne. They are a Christian Radio Station that plays a mixture of Christian and appropriate and selected secular music. Very powerful to hear them mixed together.

As far as in Church, we have done a few songs. The most popular would be All you need is Love by of course The Beatles. A few words do need changing however, and we usually finish by repeating the title words and then "All you need is God" at the very end.

The comment about CCLI etc. is perhaps a very critical reminder for anything we sing.

Just a word of reminder to anyone who does this - you are violating a copyright when you do this. (Unless you get permission from the Beatles in this case.) As silly as it seems, we're not allowed to take a song and change some of the words and perform it in church. I'm not sure if the "world" even cares, but...

I'm not sure that applies if you've got the words up on the screen or in your bulletin. I'm just sayin, like you're last statement implies, we should be even more careful with the secular authorities.

Works are not copyrighted just to make money!  That (c) also defends the integrity of the music, which represents the integrity of the author/composer.  It would be irritating to me if someone took the song I wrote and simply called it theirs.  Not being a purveyor of lawyers, I would likely just let it go.  But suppose someone took my song and tweaked it so it would promote false theology, or Buddhism, or such.  If a nonbeliever finds his works hijacked by a believer, how is he going to ever believe that Jesus is the way, the Truth, and the life?

... not that I have never done this~~~~:( At least twice I've "fixed" the words to a song someone really really wanted for their wedding, so it didn't look like holy approval for beddin' down early 'cause it feels good (You Light Up My Life, for one).

Ah - so we have to be careful not to take George Harrison's tune and "christianize" it because his estate might sue us for not promoting Hare Krishna. (The name of the tune escapes me. And I'm not really interested in remembering it's name.)

I don't either.  All I remember is I was a GI overseas when I heard it on the radio.  I thought they were singing "Hallelujah" (I'm an organist, I never get the words right), so I thought they were finally playing Christian music on the airwaves (that, and "O Happy Day"), and was very encouraged.  I also learned how to improvise, playing the chapel organ all night to a Santana record I had, not having any idea of the words.  Weird world, this.


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