Update from me :) (11th October 2016)

We're still here - and looks like I've found someone to take over the site! This could well mean it's here to stay - at least for a while anyway.

Will keep you updated when I have more details.

It's been quite a journey since we launched Worship The Rock in 2008!

We're going to be shutting the site down in the next weeks as I don't have the time or financial resources to continue this unfortunately.

If you want to keep any material on this site please ensure you copy it / download it / save it etc asap.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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Hey, Phil, thanks for starting the site and keeping it going as long as you have!  We've got a few songs we do at our church that I found through WtR... and it's been useful discussing various WL topics here.  Best wishes in wherever your interests lead you next!


Thanks Charles - much appreciated!

Your work running the site is appreciated. I'm sure that being free to the users skirts over a lot of investment from you behind the scenes.

If people are moving on to other, similar sites, do they have any idea where that might be? For a number of years WtR has provided a primary feed for online worship related discussion (aside from the more specialised and very long running ChurchBass list) so I'm not sure where to look next.


Thank Wulf.

Worship Central used to have a forum for Worship discussions but I can't see it any longer. 

Another place that springs to mind is The Worship Community: http://www.theworshipcommunity.com/forums/

I guess there may be some Facebook groups too...

And likewise thanks from me, Phil, for keeping things going for so long. Met some great people through here and the original UK site too.

And it's likewise from me too Phil : )  I agree with Toni, met some great characters on here and there have been some fab discussions.  One discussion that I particularly enjoyed was the one about the worship 'myths'. Wow, the replies were so witty and the banter just flowed. 

People who regularly posted some time back also are memorable to me, namely Rick Cogbill, Stevo, CS, Bruce E Ballard and David Bull to name but a few : )


Wow... It is sad, but understandable.   Phil, I sure appreciate your time, effort, ingenuity, and mostly your passion for Christ that encouraged you to even begin a site like this.   I learned a lot from the little time I have spent here as a member.  Thanks to all who participated with valuable insights.   I will miss this. 

Appreciate all the comments - thanks guys!

Three questions I meant to ask before: 

1)  Are you going to continue the WTR Facebook page?

2)  Are you planning to send out an email to all members announcing the website shutdown?

3)  When is the shutdown date for the website?

Hi Brian,

1) Hadn't thought about that - but there is no cost involved with it so happy to keep this running if it will be used

2) Not sure yet - the email open rates are so low that I'm not sure it's worth it. But probably will anyway.

3) Still to be confirmed - but probably mid August - i.e. the new few days (unless we get a free extension to the platform or similar)



Well, since my main interest in songwriting, I'm going to reenergize my muse's muse membership at http://www.musesongwriters.com/forums/

You should be able to find me as member "Charles Wolff".

Note that this is NOT a worship music site or Christian music site, but if you post a lyric and explain "this is intended for congregational singing in a Christian worship service," people should be willing to accept it for what it is...

For what it's worth, I tried signing up for the Worship Community site above, and either they have a bunch of phishing ads that you don't want to click on, or my machine has something on it that they don't want to let me in.  Could be either, but I probably won't be on that site... worshipready looks like they charge $3.95 a month to be a member and I'm kinda too cheap for that, but maybe I'll change my mind.

I'm also on bookface at https://www.facebook.com/charles.wolff.3 ... so if there is a general migration to any particular site, drop by and let me know.  See y'all 'round, and best wishes for the future...

Sad to see the site go, I didn't contribute a lot but I definitely enjoyed hearing from you all. Thank you for all the hard work and resources you put into this page, and God bless! 


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