Okay.. I'm going nuts. This is to be honest my third year searching for Christmas music only to fail. I found a few songs last year, but as Christmas becomes more popular here in Japan, it is also very difficult to find simple songs with guitar chords. On most of the websites like "echord" or "azchord," even "cowboyguitarmusic.com" the chords are in the wrong place. Does anyone want to bless a brother with an awesome .pdf or .doc of simple Christmas songs for the guitar? Being in Japan we don't have CCLI laws we need to adhere too. Hope that doesn't bother you. Thanks you guys!


(ask and I'll shoot you my email address) Thanks and メリー・クリスマス! Merry Christmas!

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I have "Angels We Have Heard On High" in E and "O Holy Night" in C on my computer right now. I'm at al@everydaypraise.com

Fred, whatever you can't find, I'll do my best to get it to you. Give me a shout at rickcogbill@gmail.com
Awesome... You guys rock.... Thank you so much. I have to get some of these translated into Japanese. Praise the Lord for the Worshiptherock.com ministry.

Hope the pdf's I sent work for you, Fred. Let me know if you need more.

The good thing about Christmas Carols is that they are all public domain, therefore sharing the music is kosher. :)


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