Hello everyone, I am new to "Worshiptherock." I am glad to be here.

Something that has become a small issue in my church is the sing-ability of worship songs. We have been doing a lot of songs played on KLOVE, and we write a lot of songs in-house. One church member commented, "All the songs are so hard to follow."

So we have been trying to write and choose simpler songs lately. Maybe we get carried away with cool-sounding songs, which I love to sing in church as a pastor and worship leader, and my worship leader does too, but do we tend to leave out the congregation in song choice?

How many words is too many? Should we sing more songs with the simplicity of "We Exalt Thee", or more complicated songs like Crowder's "Forever and Ever"? (I can't remember if that's the title)

Or good happy medium songs like "All We Need" by Charlie Hall? What about a good mix of all sing-ability levels? What do you think?

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Hi Mike
My name is Brian Huber or just Brian
Iknow where you coming from I play bass For a Group Called The Gosple Brothers aswell as playing bass for Messiah united Mehodist. Both groups have the same problem but in different degrees. What we decided to do was use an across
the board mix of the Old time favorites as well as the newer songs and stuff we written ourselves. When we came to a song that the people didn't quite follow we made that a learn together song we put in the mix each week to let the people learn new types of Christain songs that way the people could get used to other songs the Church is using . Some of the people we talked to acually like the Idea It help keep things new and Fresh for them
Here's what you need:

Don't do too many songs. I don't mean to do only one or two songs per service, but have a list of ten songs or so. That way people get familar with the songs, you can introduce one per two week or so. Have a blessed day :)
Thank you, everyone, great discussion!
This issue IMHO is what created the Chorus Books of the mid to late sixties and made the singing of choruses so popular with many church congregations. People need to to be able to "hear" (volumn and clarity) the words to new songs first and it helps to "see" them in order to learn them quickly, they are not all musicians or necessarily musically inclined and don't always catch on to the melody line. The median age of your congregation or assembly will determine the types and style of the music you will lean toward in your choices. We have about a 70 to 30 percent, mature to younger, mix in our church and have tried to mix our song choices to this ratio. Many in the 70% have never even heard of some of the new music out there, keep this in mind when you present new songs. We still have requests to include standards from the Hymnal in our song services and try to include one or two in our song lists. Prayer will take you farther then you've ever been before.


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