I'm trying to compile a songlist of fast songs that would work in a small group setting. Those of you with the experience, what songs have you found that work? Off the top of my head I can only think of:

1) One Day, For All You've Done - Hillsongs

2) Hosanna (the ones by Paul Baloche and Carl Tuttle)

3) Open the Eyes of my Heart

4) My Hope is in You - Third Day

5) It's All about Jesus - Planet Shakers

6) Thy Loving Kindness (Scripture in Song), My Life is in You, Lord (Dan Gardner, if I remember correctly)

and that's about it.

Suggestions, anyone?

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how about Chris Tomlin's Sing Sing Sing I think that would work for most any size group
Lord I Lift Your Name on High
Hmmm. Small group bible study or small worship team? Assuming you mean study. Blessed Be Your Name has worked for us, Here I am To Worship, Offering (Baloche), Praise Adonai (Baloche), Everlasting God, Some originals as well. If you have a strong guitar or keys player, you can make most things work...
I have to take into account the fact that other small groups may not have a musician as skilled (and good-looking) as I am, so I'm looking out for that!

I've done Praise Adonai many times for service, but never in small group. Maybe I better give it some thought. But I'm definitely not touching Blessed Be Your Name! My pastor won't like it if the tithing goes down because people are singing "... there's pain in the offering..."

We often use God Arise (Robin Mark), We want to see Jesus Lifted High (Doug Horley); I'll Fly Away, as openers at our Christian Ed. Nights.
What about Everlasting God? We're getting ready to head out with a bunch of youth for a mission trip, and some fast songs for smallish group would be nice to have here as well...
I'm not too keen on Everlasting God because the vocal range is really wide and it'll come out very clearly in small group. I just tried Desert Song and I think it might work, but I'll probably have to video myself doing the strumming so that other guitarists in church can see one way to make it work. :)
When you say "fast songs," is the thought that you might actually hope to see people clapping along - or just that you want something that is more "up" and "happy-feeling" than some of the slow tunes? Will you have a full band, or more of an acoustic group?
For our smaller Bible study time, I've cut a lot of the clappable songs out of the repertoire b/c it's just really hard to get people clapping in that setting. :) So we do mainly medium tempo, "up" songs.
Some fast tunes that could work for you: So Good to Me or Trading My Sorrows (Darrell Evans), I Want to Know You (In the Secret), and You Are Good (Houghton).
Another one, not so fast, but "up" would be Mighty to Save (works fine w/o drums we've found). Leeland songs work that same way. Third Day's "You Are So Good to Me" has a fast feel to it once it builds.
I know the Vineyard material doesn't get much mention around here, but they have much material on cd done acoustically just for home groups with the chord charts and lyric sheets embedded in the cd to pull out on your computer. A good chunk of their material is available in this format with all tempos equally represented.

As an aside, the most 'fun' praise song I've ever heard is on Varietal Records (division of Vineyard) by Ryan Delmore called 'The World Can't Take It Away'. It works great as a full team or solo on an acoustic and is very accessable to those like me with a limited vocal range. Have a listen sometime.
Wow, thanks for the replies, everyone!

I'm trying to absorb as many of these songs as possibe. But keep the suggestions coming! :)
Two Darrell Evans songs, "Fields Of Grace" (Big Daddy Weave version is good) and "Trading My Sorrows."
Because of Your Love, by Paul Baloche
Happy Day by Tim Hughes (except the verses are kinda wordy),
Beautiful One (Matt Redman - I think) ,
Friend of God by Israel Houghton,
Holy (by Brenton Brown....except we sing it faster than him),
Majestic by Lincoln Brewster,
Sing to the King,
Your Grace is Enough


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