I am not sure if I saw something similar recently or not, but I have just been dragged into the 21st Century and my family has bought me a new smartphone.  An HTC Wildfire S for those who are techie minded - I was told not to be sold into the 'apple world'.


Anyway, I wonder what sensible Android apps there are out there for worship leading or for helping me as a worship leader?  I guess there are some!  I have already downloaded some of the free bible apps.    


Any thought gratefully appreciated.  Oh, and I am only interested in the free ones!


(I am UK based if it makes any difference 


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No idea yet but, having just ordered a Wildfire S, I'm very interested in the answers.



This is a good one to have a well, most current worship music chords and lyrics


And this one has alot of good reference material, also, if you are ever having trouble
figuring something out by ear, it has a "sectioner" function that can cut out parts of a song and slow it down (and loop it) without changing pitch!!


As far as guitar is concerned, this is one of my favorite apps ever,
Has TONS of scales, every possible chord variation!! And the paid version has an awesome reverse chord finder...just touch the notes on the fretboard and it tells you what the chord is!!

Nice, I would like to try that one "Rhyme finder" but it looks like it's no longer available! :(
Ya, I saw that one too, just not rated a high as the other :(

Here's part-2 of android apps for worship songwriters: http://goo.gl/ysojI

Also, try this older post: http://goo.gl/Y5qag

Try this one too: http://goo.gl/Ihq2L

Endomondo helps keep me fit......




You can download the KJV and there's an app called Robotic guitarist that will let you 'strum' a variety of chords, which could be useful in composition.


I'll check out the suggestions below.


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