How many soakers and marinaters here? How do you soak? Whats your music of choice?

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Moi? I do that after my night-time worship session. My kids won't bug me, they are asleep. I'm usually going on with the guitar. I try to use the guitar to do David's harp kinda thing, to see how much I can play before the presence of God lifts. (Yeah, I like to push boundaries). This is the kind of stuff that I would try out in my personal worship time first before doing it in front of other people.

I could do piano, but I get distracted very quickly with piano. Before I know it, I would accidentally play something that sounds like jazz (and try to develop it further) or remember some Mozart-ish stuff and start digging out the score to practice. Bad! So I'll stick to guitar... :)
I was just thinking - are people uncomfortable replying to this topic because they see the poster's pic? A lion's head asking me about how I'd like to be marinated? :)
lol! at least this lion will be saying grace before meals! :-)

i'll get to work and look for a pic i can upload..
I don't soak as much as I'd like to, but when I do I really love Jason Upton, Misty Edwards, Justin Rizzo. I also go onto on a regular basis, they have live 24 hour worship, it's amazing.
Chris, I had a look at - its a restaurant chain!!! Any more info??
I pop my ipod earphones in, and listen to Brian Doerksen/Bob Fitts/Michael Smith, or go sit at Staxigoe Harbour (not done that for a long time tho!) which is a 20 min walk away from my home. Sooo peaceful.
I love to sit at the piano and start worshipping God with really mellow, peaceful songs. I'll play one song forever sometimes and just get lost in the attitude of praising and worshipping God. It is so refreshing to minister to him with all my heart and not worry about performing, but just being with him and letting the creative mood take over. I've written lots of songs as a result of doing this. When there are others around I notice them slipping into the prophetic as they too get caught up in the freedom and openness of soaking in God's presence. I'm really excited about this kind of worship and I believe that once people experience it, they won't be able to get enough of it. My song HOLY SPIRIT is a great soaker.
Me too, Michael. I love to sit at the piano on my own and play songs like Noel Richards 'To be in Your presence'. I love the 2nd verse -

To rest in Your presence
Not rushing away
To cherish each moment,
Here I would stay

This is my desire .....
I agree...sometimes it's with my guitar, but usually there is something about sitting down at the piano, all alone in the house, and just worshipping ....I'm sure the neighbors have written me off as a nut-case by now..... but sometimes it goes on for hours and that is usually when I feel so close to God, singing straight to Him.....a hotline to heaven so to has always been that way for me, for most of my life. I was singing "Revelation Song" over and over this week and the presence of God came upon me so strongly like that. I could barely get back up off the piano bench!
I just fall down on my knees and just pray and dance with Jesus...thats all....sometimes aia make my own song and sing


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