What destroys solemnity of worship, as far as music and actions are concerned? Is it too loud musical instruments? Or somebody from the congregation takes the tambourine and dance all around the church floor? Or a voice from the worship team tries to make his or her voice dominant? Is it more solemn to worship God acapella?

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The real question is; is there any one answer to this?

People will be disturbed, disrupted, even offended by whatever they may, and we should be careful not to be the cause of this if we can help it...But at the same time some people need to learn to focus more on their own woship and not allow someone dancing or singing out to disturb them. It's not about us, or you...It's about Him.

This is one reason I'm really looking forward to leading the Alternative services we'll be starting after the first of the year...The music is going to be a bit louder than Sunday mornings, so people will bemore likely to sing out on their own and less likely to be disturbed by others around them. Sunday mornings I think people can hear themselves and one another too well over the music (we rarely break 85db with a full house) and are shy about singing out and joining in.

As individuals we need to be sure our spirits and intentions are in the right place, but congregationally we need to worry a lot less about what others are doing.

When I think of solemn worship, I think of what we refer to as "ministry time". This is when we do the slower, mellower songs. I think just about anything can disrupt it: a cell phone ringing (not guilty), a keyboardist pushes the wrong patch button and honks out an inappropriate sound (guilty), etc...

I hope you are not suggesting that loud, lively, exuberant worship is a bad idea because you think all worship should be "solemn".
How about coming out on stage to begin a worship set, and noticing that "Sister Sour" has hoofed it up to the sound booth, grabbed the decibal meter and is now sitting in the third pew centre, aiming it right at you!

If that had happened to me ten years ago, it would have really ruined my focus. This time, it didn't. It actually made me chuckle!

BYW, we now have a rule that only qualified personnel are allowed to operate the equipment...and Sister Sour is not on the list:)
That's fantastic! I've never understood these types of actions by unqualified people...


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