any particularly great songs you've used for dance in worship ?

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We Fall Down - Chris Tomlin

Our church dance team has danced to this song several times during worship.
Our dance team also used the following song

Your Beloved - Brent Helming (has been sung by Mercy Me and By The Tree)
How Great is Our God is proably one the best songs for this. Also a song by Firehouse called Everything, there is actually a video done of this by my church on
you can also look it up. Hope these Help.
I had someone do an inerpretive dance to "Stay Right Here" once (it's an original which is on my page). I think it's well suited to a single dancer and I think 3/4 or 6/8 always lends to interpretive dance. Let me knwo if you want the chords. I saw some kids do the Happy Song which was very fun and joyful. That's not what we usually expect of dance ministry but I don't know why. It's all good! :o)
Many of the Messianic songs are especially great for dance teams. Come Let Us Go Up, It Is Good, Kadosh Kadosh, A Resting Place. There are many many more. But maybe Messianic music is not familiar or well accepted at your congregation. Get input from the praise dance team leader.
Carl, thanks for the input. I love messianic music.
We are a small church and we don't have a praise dance team or a dance team leader but thanks for the suggestions. We have a talented young lady who is about to go off to university to study Dance and performing arts - I'll pass on the suggestions to her.

God Bless
We've did a dance to Chris Rice's "Go Light Your World" on Christmas Eve that transitioned into the Candle-lighting. A really great one to Third Day's "Cry out to Jesus" which involved the dancer dancing with a flowing fabric that she placed on the cross at the end. And also Chris Rice's "Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus)."
The Birdie Song! :-)
yes, I can see that one working well..............or maybe not......:o)
Two I've used at Christmas (there's always next year, right?): a new arrangement of "Angels We Have Heard On High" I found at wholehearted worship, and "Here With Us" - Joy Williams.

A beautiful solo piece is an oldie "In Heaven's Eyes" - Sandi Patti. Am working on one called "You Are My Music" (sorry don't remember the artist) which has a celtic vibe.
Well, this one is a no-brainer.....the song "Shackles" by Mary Mary. We actually did the John Tesh version of it (it's on Youtube).....the dance team did awesome and it went over very, very well....I wish I had a video of it!
We used "You are still Holy" intimate worship song with a single "Ester" dancing..very powerful


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